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The first show with Peter and Billy was the After Party, on Charlie Ward's platform. We made 7 such "After Partys" with the last one being on March 12, 2022. Our first GESARA Show started on March 16, 2022.
100 GESARA Shows
The GESARA Show reaches its 100th show, after splitting away from Charlie Ward’s After Party

In February 2022, Peter Walker and Billy Gillies were the original hosts of the “After Party”, designed to let the members of the Charlie Ward Insider Club ask more questions and get to know each other. The After Party was a great success with the members, providing the latest news, a good dose of Anglo-American humour and of course lots of Q&A. Yet after 8 shows, Charlie’s team decided they wanted David to take over instead.

Peter and Billy decided to continue on their own and founded the GESARA Show which has built up a wonderful community of like-minded people. Over the course of the year, Peter and Billy have done a number of specials, run a highly entertaining show and maintained a very loyal following.

Each show consists of a discussion on current events, the GESARA News with the latest on the RV, etc. followed by a Q&A. Both Peter and Billy have decades of experience in deep dive fact-checking into what is really happening in the world, and they analyse the events and help to interpret it for the viewers. They keep the show family friendly and maintain a positive attitude. They often use examples from film and television to better explain current events.

The GESARA Show is specifically aimed at those who do not have time to watch all the various podcasters and want to have a good summary and have their individual questions answered.
With NESARA/GESARA being constantly delayed, Peter and Billy started to offer UCC1-308 training, that allows members to have their own personal “GESARA” after about 3 months. Everyone with a birth certificate automatically has a special trust with millions in it, that nobody told them about. The training allows you to regain your sovereignty from the state and gain access to your own trust fund, which you can then use to buy cars, houses, etc. and clear any debts, irrespective of if GESARA has happened or not. Instead of just waiting for GESARA, this training lets you get on with access your trust funds anyway.

Peter and Billy remember their routes and plan the show to not collide with the Insider Club. The GESARA Show is free of advertising, sponsors and commercial interests and finances itself through a low subscription charge.

To celebrate 100 shows, episodes 99-105 are totally free for anyone to join in the fun. If you have been following Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Mel K, etc., then the GESARA Show is for you and the light-hearted tone of the show will leave you with a smile on your face, while feeling well informed. The positive attitude is important to help people develop into 5D.

Want to know more, then visit our website at https://gesara-show.com where you can find our specials and our Best of Show for 2022.

Join our online family and let us guide you safely and well informed through the RV, GCR and NESARA/GESARA into our golden future.

Come and join our 100th Episode on Wednesday, March 1st after the Insider Club, or any of the following shows up to 105 totally free – you just need the Zoom app.
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