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Reviews and Votes on the GESARA Show
We ask our regular viewers to leave their comments and reviews about the show on this page. This will help new viewers to be encouraged to watch the show. Your email address is not shown to the public. We appreciate your honest reviews.
5.0 / 5
11 reviews
Lesa Mckellip
Tuesday 22 Nov 2022
Very informative , allows questions from all that they can squeeze and the site itself has so much knowledge! I have left messages before and my response from Peter was very quick! Billy and Petter together makes the show fun and very educational! Within saying that at times it’s hard to keep up and listen on a long show with out having to get off! I give it my all! Thank you both for your time!
Donna Drysdale
Monday 21 Nov 2022
The bantor is always fun but more important the information comparing with other sites is important. The more informed we are the better we can prepare for what is coming. Cheers
Friday 18 Nov 2022
I have been following you both since the Charlie after party, and fell in love with you both. What a fantastic pair you make, you put the soulless Hollywood almost gone stars to shame. I could watch for hours, as it puts me in a wonderful uplifting joyous frequency. Can’t wait for the next show. What I like the best is their is no fake news.
Stella Camenzuli
Tuesday 15 Nov 2022
Brilliant, informative, entertaining, and just plain fun. Being part of this group is so inclusive. Peter and Billy give 100% its wonderful Being with like minded people. I look forward to each show. Love it!
barbara jones
Sunday 13 Nov 2022
I’ve been a member for several months now! I can honestly say they have provided such support to all of us here! They are a great team and cannot do enough for us as members! For the past two months I can say I’m not sure how I would have gotten through this time without Billy and Peters hard work and support and encouragement. It has meant the world to me. They are unique and pretty incredible… love them and the family they have created supporting one another…would have given10 Stars!!!!!
Ed Hugley
Sunday 13 Nov 2022
Peter and Billy have always been honest with us. They provide the best information that they can find, I'm sure they spend many hours preparing the show. I look forward the every show and have not been disappointed yet!
Friday 11 Nov 2022
The online Gesara Show, hosted by Peter and Billy is a joy to be a part of. A journey of light entertainment and chit chat as everyone settles in to their seats. Then onto up- to-date News, and Intel from around the world on current affairs that are relevant right now to all of us. The highlight is the valuable training, and guidance on offer to those who wish to take steps in escaping the matrix. Peter and Billy are heart centred. Their priority is to assist their members in taking back their freedoms. They offer a journey like no other. I'm proud to be a part of it.
John Edwards
Friday 11 Nov 2022
I have beea a member of the show for a few months and have been amazed how it has developed into a very professional show and continues to improve every week.
I like the friendly banter between Peter and Billy which is very entertaining and look forward to the up to date news.
I am amazed at how much work and effort that Peter puts in to get the show on the road and cannot understand why he has to spend so much time and effort again on editing the whole thing again to put it in the forum.
If people actually listened to the live Zoom call, surely all that extra work for Oerer would not be necessary.
What I really don’t like is the continued chit chat between members while the show is in progress.
In most live meetings people are asked to turn off their mobile phones and ask questions at the end.
In my opinion people should respect the information being given and just shut up until the end.
I usually turn off when questions and answers come on at the end of the show because the same people are usually popping up week after week asking the same old questions , maybe they just like to see themselves on a live Zoom call.

However, out of the two main shows that a large majority of members subscribe to this show is by far the best informative and entertaining and certainly value for money with all the extra content and information given every week.
For private chit chat and irrelevant chit chat we have Facebook and Tick tock
Friday 11 Nov 2022
Thank you for making that show so much fun, I loved it!
Friday 11 Nov 2022
I'm a fan of your show and the intel.
I really appreciate the both of you and the people you work with.
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