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October 8, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 162 - Sunday
Duration: 4:23:40

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, the end of the movie?
0:04:11 Speaker of the House?
0:07:02 Iraq, Ring of Fire, Christmas in October?
0:12:50 Your guide, sad or happy?
0:14:51 Chicken Run flashback.
0:19:18 Lizzy: Authenticity is higher than love!
0:20:46 We're born alone…
0:22:13 The Chosen One
0:24:50 Greatest Schwabs, Vol. 15 (satire)
0:28:40 Who are "They?"
0:35:41 Donald Trump-Speaker of the House?
0:37:04 Salt water
0:42:43 Trump Checkmate-Brunsen
0:44:25 Message from Melania
0:49:40 Dumb Americans
0:54:21 Wolverine on Israel
1:04:21 Alex Collier report
1:09:43 Authenticity
1:11:42 Audio clip from Wolverine
1:13:19 Authenticity rant
1:15:12 GESARA News, October 4, 2023
1:33:27 Q&A Section Intro
1:34:19 Jack: Gas report, Nader report, De-dollarization, Med Beds, Car sharing
1:46:04 Christos: positive energy, Authenticity, prayers for the innocent, Wolverines opera, XRP&XLM, currencies, Humanitarian projects
1:55:10 Gayden: Nazi video, list of politicians, Kirsten’s chat channel
1:57:44 Joseph: Jim Willy & SOTH, liberals, CIC or President, Trump COMMS, Gesara needs, Skye video
2:05:55 J: UCC still valid?
2:09:56 Louisa: loss of son, corrupt Government in South Pacific to stand down w/Gesara, CBDC & QFS, Israel false flag? Doctor’s
2:20:52 Ashtara: Galactic Codex, Law of One, David Wilcox, Golden Age, Ra, Star Trek, Anchored in…, Great Awakening, Glastonbury, Sovereignty, NCSWIC, Light Beings, Lumeria&Atlantis, Star families, Quantum, Light language, 432 hertz, Galactic Federation, Georgia Guide stones, Moses, Birth Certificates
3:01:09 - Cosmic Justice - 'GOLDEN AGE' - Spiritual Gangsta
3:07:06 - Declaration of Divine Sovereignty, Christian21; Sibley22 on Rumble, Elena Dunaan & Ismael Perez
3:21:33 Christos: Why did the Light Beings not intervene all of the other times? 144,000, Madonna?
3:35:05 Jacint: Skye video, thank you to Ashtara
3:43:43 Gayden: some will be removed that are not in 5D
3:51:05 Rebecca: Israel, real or fake?, theater/reality
3:55:34 Barbara: How do we know if we are a Starseed or a Light-worker?
4:00:56 Jack: Hans Zimmer, Who is Ra? Eye of Horus, Cyrus?
4:10:40 Stella: Sophia is wisdom, Stella is a Beacon, Star Family, Indigenous rights, Ricardo Bosi, Everyone loves Stella
4:20:02 Wrapping up
4:23:40 End.

October 15, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 164 - Sunday
Duration: 4:59:10

Last week, we had a fascinating discussion with Ashtara. In this show, she returns with more knowledge and wisdom that fascinated so many of our members.

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:44 What is happening?
0:05:07 Peter's hair
0:09:07 Kirsten: Christian21 notes
0:15:30 Trump, Speaker of the House?
0:17:16 What is 3D, 4D and 5D?
0:18:53 Peter's Computer setup
0:19:55 Peter: Notes from Insider Club
0:25:05 Video section intro
0:25:27 Psyop: Jan Hopper-Hayes
0:28:08 Migrants
0:32:15 South Park Wake-Up
0:33:16 The Holy War Origins of Friday the 13th
0:37:39 The Simpson GOD
0:40:50 Trump in Saudia Arabia
0:42:33 Project Looking Glass and Pole Shifts
0:51:00 Magic of the word F... (vulgar language used)
0:57:09 Why does the 2nd Amendment exist?
0:58:44 Ron Paul: Israeli - Palestinian conflict
1:02:03 CNN faking news
1:03:48 Australian NO vote
1:06:35 WHO Pandemic Treaty danger
1:23:53 QFS in 4 minutes
1:29:21 Date on Julian Calendar
1:29:59 Stella: Australian voting
1:40:53 Erik: WHO Treaty - What is going to happen?

1:46:14 Ashtara: Galactic Diplomat, Law of One, Atlantis, Starships, 432hz, Holy Wars, Earth was a learning Planet, Nuremberg Code, know your power, JJ Hertac, Shakina-Christos-Sophia, Sisterhood of the Rose, St.Germaine, Alcion-Solar Flash-real sun, stand in your power, Free Will, Bailiffs, J-Rods, Dragon Families, Diamond Codex, Council of 24, Galactic Codex, Gods&Godesses, Peter’s experience, timeline split, Umites

2:31:36 Barbara: Niko Kaku, creating reality, Be the One, Change the code, Council of Nine, Brady Bunch & Little House, Battlestar Galactica, JFK Double, Med Beds, Project Montauk, A.I.

2:53:21 Maggie: Does the Bavarian Illuminati exist? Kennedy and Trump, Trump has never been cloned, JFK faked being Illuminati, Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine=Infiniti, Love, Light, and Unity(Law of One)

3:02:17 Jacint: Developing synchronicity, We are all one, Star families, Miami Vice, Christian21
3:09:47 Hannah: Remote viewing, Origin?, negative cannot vibrate in a higher frequency, Magdalena codes, time does not exist, Van Gelles music, Tom Cruise, ask your heart, 432, 528, 777 frequencies, Quantum

3:31:32 Jacint: Feline Beings, Lyran Beings, Elohim, Sphinx, Great Pyramid, Antarctica Pyramid, keeping physical vessels, expanding consciousness

3:40:59 Rose A: How to connect to our Star Family?, Higher self choosing the name Rose, lay down your arms, Radiant Rose Academy, Project Montauk

3:51:32 Maria: Sungazing, why does the sun go black?, glitch in the matrix, we create our own reality, cloud busting, intuition is strong within

3:57:15 Stella: Maria & Stella lovely moments
4:02:43 Chris: praying over Chris, light language

4:06:21 Derek: Don’t take on negative comments, Mark Sexton, we are all different, Star Families, not all Reptilians are bad, no more Wars

4:25:19 Jack: Space Force part of the Galactic Alliance? Yes, same symbol, Book of Enoch, one bad apple ruins the bunch, Anubis, Ra, calling in the ships

4:40:14 Robert: Normies? Jupiter Ascending, Bible, observer, Pleadian plus, Orgone generators
4:48:00 Peter:
4:49:40 Wrapping up
4:51:54 Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
4:59:10 End.

There are more shows with Ashtara that are available to subscribers, only.

Note: Although this GESARA Show is being released to he public, our usual shows are only being released to subscribers until White Hat restrictions are lifted. Shows will continue to be released to subscribers, yet without RV related infos. In order to take part in and/or watch our shows, you need a subscription (from $2/month).

Getting started on the GESARA Show
November 5, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 170 - Sunday - Guy Fawkes Special
Duration: 4:11:00

Last week, we had a fascinating discussion with Ashtara. In this show, she returns with more knowledge and wisdom that fascinated so many of our members.

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction. Its Guy Fawkes Day
0:12:26 Final part of V for Vendetta
0:18:01 First Wavers
0:20:01 Kash Patel destroys the left
0:23:14 Gesara show Family
0:26:20 Miniatures revealed
0:29:19 Intel
0:31:29 Electric Cars
0:33:25 Another perspective
0:37:03 Patriot Princess
0:39:02 45th-Speaker of the House
0:42:01 Basel 4 is real
0:44:40 Protesters clash with Police in Parliament Square
0:46:12 “I’ve had the Time of my Life”, Trump-Hillary
0:47:57 Getting money from the Banks
0:50:41 Event on Nov. 8?
0:52:53 GESARA News, November 5, 2023
1:12:39 Q&A Section
1:15:26 Jack: Gas report and more
1:31:04 Phillip: When the Big change happens…
1:36:37 Michelle: Med-Bed live-stream, recognising your Soul group
1:40:26 Michelle: Galactic Conference Report
1:57:30 Gayden: Galactic Conference Report
2:00:56 Pat: Apologies to Rebecca, let people have their say.
2:07:19 Derek: We should not leave people behind. Stop negativity
2:11:27 Rosebud: Crystals, gem stones, out of body experience.
2:14:38 Stella: Adopted children, now great people.
2:16:35 Peter: Was also nearly aborted.
2:18:25 Stella: Wolvie will sing at Sydney Opera House
2:20:03 Barbara: Dug up Crystals, grounding.
2:23:15 Dedicated Ashtara videos at:
2:24:32 Ashtara: Compliment, own show?
2:25:23 Ashtara: Spiritual Discernment. Thor Haan does not exist! Prime Directive
2:28:02 Ashtara: St. Germaine, Francis Bacon
2:16:35 Ashtara: St. Germaine, Francis Bacon connection
2:31:03 Ashtara: Mother Ships over dwelling
2:32:45 Ashtara: Tesla Frequencies 3,6,9
2:35:34 Ashtara: Misunderstands about own show.
2:36:52 Ashtara: Healing harmonics, (432,528,777, etc.) and the Lotus position, Starships
2:44:18 Ashtara:, negatives have consequences
2:47:50 Ashtara:, negatives have consequences
2:50:35 Derek: Who are ED & MS?
2:51:15 Ashtara: Don’t shoot the messenger
2:54:35 Ashtara: Negatives wanted WW3 to annihilate 9 Billion Souls
2:56:18 Ashtara: Remote viewing & Star families, FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real
3:00:48 Michael: Ascension ending?
3:03:26 Peter: What happens to the Sleepers?
3:08:27 Kirsten: Meeting One’s Soulmate now- Double Bubble
3:12:58 Ashtara: Trust and Love yourselves.
3:13:22 Ashtara: JFK, Q, Pledian-PT109 film
3:22:26 Ashtara: Dianne Robbins, Galactic Solar Flash, temple of ISIS, Orion Wars, Quo
3:29:26 Jack: Buy a shirt for Peter? David Bowie
3:32:53 Hannah: Astral travel, Sanander, Space Wars, DUMBS, meeting past relations.
3:43:30 How to contact Ashtara privately through the forum.
3:48:04 Pyramids in Shropshire, Quantum love, contact to star family
3:51:17 James: Leaving friends behind, who are not awakened. How do they ascend?
4:04:43 Derek: How much we have been brainwashed. More connected than we think.
4:07:43 Wrapping up.
4:08:59 Donate to Peter:
4:11:00 End.

There are more shows with Ashtara that are available to subscribers, only.

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