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May 8, 2022, The GESARA Show 016, with Peter in Birmingham
Duration: 2:56:42

Special Show, Live from Birmingham with a LIVE Audience.

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Birmingham) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

In the evening, while Charlie and Guests had their sold-out Meet and Greet Dinner, Peter held an alternative meeting - The GESARA SHOW with a live audience in Birmingham.

This was a very different show. linking up guests in the conference room in Birmingham with members around the world to hear the latest news from the Birmingham events.

In our by far most expensive show to date, we handled a number of important topics with a special section on Common Law where one of our guests just had a lawful victory, thanks to connections made through our show.

In the final hour, of this 3 hour extended show, the Hydration App is demonstrated life to the audience in Birmingham and Internationally.

Automated captions available, proof read for the first hour, and may contain errors.

Special thanks to Carl Donny Osmond for additional camera work and Sharon Mason for production assistance.

You can also see additional background videos in our Birmingham Section.

To Those Surprised by What you Heard in the
Video Regarding Peter and the Conference.

We did nothing wrong and are simply moving on with our own show.
We invested hundreds of hours helping them recover from Jimmy, with technical assistance, advice, providing recordings of their past shows, running the After Party for them. We were expressly told on Feb 23, 2022 by Tara: "I have no issue with you promoting your group and driving the audience to your telegram channel but anything we promote we need ownership of."  Yet, they later started accusing us of trying to "nick" their members from their channel.

Charlie's Team did not pay us one penny for all the time we spent helping them out at their time of need.

We do not believe there should be any infighting between truthers, so we are moving on. End of Story!

If you want to help us, please contribute towards our costs so that we can recover at least some of the financial losses. That would be a great help.

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