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December 4, 2022, The GESARA Show 076 - Channeling Special
Duration: 3:17:37

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis) with Gerd Steeger (in Lissabon).

This is the 76th episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

Gerd Steeger joins us today to discuss what the spiritual world is telling us. He was last seen on our show at Easter. We had a fascinating discussion on how the spiritual world can see us, yet have no concept of time. They can confirm that the Deep State has lost and NESARA/GESARA is really coming. A channelling is read that discusses overcoming fears and much more. This is truly a "Special" show that finishes with music from the Cologne Christmas market.

Gerd's websites:

Gerd was previously seen on the GESARA Show at Easter:

He has also created the following App for Apple Users:

0:00:00 Introduction, Peter's Xmas backdrop: Cologne Christmas Market
0:01:10 Charlie's Non-Announcement
0:05:00 What IS happening…
0:13:10 Switchover should happen world-wide in 4 hours from Go decision.
0:15:00 CGI, Body doubles, clones, etc.
0:17:48 GESARA News
1:10:49 Introduction to Gerd Steeger, our guest speaker.
1:11:23 Gerd on St. Germaine who was talking about NESARA in 2005.
1:12:17 Channeling with archangel Michael
1:15:41 Who is Walter Horn (German spiritual medium)
1:21:58 Peter reads the Channeling from Archangel Michael
1:33:49 The story of the unborn twins…
1:38:24 Current world situation and Atlantis.
1:46:41 Nikolai Tesla
1:47:54 Brain is the CPU, Aura is the Hard Drive!
1:49:21 The Great Awakening
1:50:23 Out of body experiences
1:58:49 Communications by thought and telepathy. World will change
2:00:03 Deep State will lose, God's plan is to completely change the world.
2:02:45 Jabs are a test for us, a kind of filter. In their book of life.
2:10:08 Any Wow messages?
2:13:19 Spiritual people often women (e.g. Leana). Gerd approaches with more logic.
2:19:44 BBC and Trump
2:23:19 Peter met Gerd 40 years ago.
2:26:02 Q&A: Derek, Had an out-of-body experience. Simon and RV funding
2:32:34 Q&A: Stella, Children died when they did not receive love. Ismael Perez.
2:42:42 Q&A: Jerry, Soul contract made before incarnation.
2:48:01 Q&A: Jacint, David Wilcock,
2:55:40 Final Words from Gerd.
2:57:47 Q&A: Stella, Stamps on hold for Non-US orders.
2:58:41 Final Words from Peter on Mönchen-Gladbach in Germany.
3:00:14 Q&A: Geoff, Farms that placed Affidavit's in NZ were seized.
3:06:38 FAQ section added to website:
3:08:47 Good-Byes…
3:09:08 Bonus: Music at the Cologne Christmas Market.
3:17:37 End.
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