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Time until the Magna Carta Show
We are making another visit to the Magna Carta, as there is more to see...

The GESARA Show discusses the Global Currency Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Quantum Financial Reset, Common Law, UCC1-308 Trust fund, health issues, topical events and the latest Intel.

The plan is to meet-up at the Magna Carta Tea Room at 4pm and look around the monuments and do some more filming.

We then go to the Magna Carta Museum, in nearby Egham, where we host the live show with Special Guests at 7pm
Come and join us there, meet Peter, and take part in the Live Show.

Egham Museum
51 High St
TW20 9EW
United Kingdom

If you wish to attend, please fill-in the form below, to help us plan the event.

Application to Join the Magna Carta Event on 13th August 2023



1 Man or Woman
2 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
3 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
4 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
5 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
6 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
7 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
8 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
9 Men or Women (incl. offspring)
10 or more

August 13, 2023
08:00 ( 8 am) UTC-10, HST, Honolulu
10:00 (10am) UTC-08, AKDT, Anchorage
11:00 (11am) UTC-07, PDT, Pacific Time, Los Angeles
11:00 (11am) UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Phoenix
12:00 (12pm) UTC-06, MDT, Mountain Time, Denver
13:00 (1 pm) UTC-05, CDT, Central Time, St. Louis
14:00 (2 pm) UTC-04, EDT, Eastern Time, New York
15:00 (3 pm) UTC-03, Brazil, Sao Paulo
19:00 (7 pm) UTC+01, BST, London
20:00 (8 pm) UTC+02, CEST, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
21:00 (9 pm) UTC+03, EEST, Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kiev
21:00 (9 pm) UTC+03, MSK, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Minsk, Moscow, Qatar
23:30 (11:30pm) UTC+05:30, IST, India, Islamabad, Karachi

August 14, 2023
02:00 ( 2 am) UTC+08, AWST, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing
03:00 ( 3 am) UTC+09, JST, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul
04:00 ( 4 am) UTC+10, AEST, Brisbane
04:00 ( 4 am) UTC+10, AEST, Melbourne, Sydney
06:00 ( 6 am) UTC+12, NZST, Auckland, Wellington

Disclaimer: We are not providing medical, financial or legal advice and we are not legally trained. The information that is provided is what has been researched and applied.

Getting started on the GESARA Show

Meeting ID: 873 1747 5563

Passcode: 121561
Join the show on your Phone/Tablet
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