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August 13, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 146 - Magna Carta Extra
Duration: 2:09:28

Hosts: Peter Walker Peter Walker (Egham Museum, near Runnymede, UK)

This is our long-awaited Magna Carta Extra with live guests in Egham Museum.
We had an excellent show with important topics related to the Magna Carta.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:10 Pat: History of the Magna Carta. Jury, not Judges or Solicitors
0:04:54 Peter, Derek, Pat: Article 61, Bill of Rights
0:11:05 Peter: Technical setup
0:11:41 Rebecca: Sweden does not have birth certificates.
0:23:26 Relevance of Magna Carta, today.
0:29:26 Derek: President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address (1961)
0:35:13 Myths about the Magna Carta
0:44:29 Pat: Waking up a couple. Military involvement. Navy went to USA.
0:49:38 Strong argument on citizenship.
0:54:25 Jack: Magna Carta before and after 1871. Trump's Coup.
1:02:07 Where do we go from here?
1:16:10 Q&A Section
1:17:10 Unalienable Rights.
1:20:57 Steve: Comments on Unalienable Rights
1:24:21 Demonstration - New Accessories for Hydration-App.
1:55:57 Wrapping Up
1:59:26 Genomic-Wellbeing Videos
2:05:25 "Don't Let the Old Man In"
2:09:28 End.

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