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April 13, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 212 - RV Appointment Special
Duration: 3:44:20 - Captions in English and German

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Kirsten (NC. USA) and Barbara (FL, USA)

As we are expecting to RV very soon, we have put together this special program explaining how to prepare for the RV appointment.

0:00:00 Intro, RV to start on April 15?
0:02:18 How do you get your notifications? Switch off any VPN. NDAs
0:05:44 Do NOT go on spending spree…., keep quiet about this.
0:06:35 When will it start? Preparing for the appointment
0:09:36 Where to find our Tally Sheet and RV Infos: https://gesara-show.com/rv
0:10:05 Preparations for your RV appointment in detail
0:40:00 Will Med-Beds be available right away? Friends in urgent need?
0:45:02 What brand of chocolate do you need?
0:46:24 How do you switch off the VPN? Test here: https://myip.expert/
0:49:42 What is happening in Europe?
0:51:16 Q&A on Preparing
0:51:32 LjSchmidt: Tally Sheet Template, Do we need lawyer, CPA, Wealth Manager?
0:56:15 Take a good Smartphone for the QFS App
0:58:00 Differing advice from gurus. Diplomatic passport? Phone setup
1:02:01 Zim Bonds, confusing speculation on rates, etc.
1:05:09 Did Trump sign us into BRICS?
1:08:33 Kyrki: Tally Sheet and serial numbers.
1:13:34 Zim Project, transfer to others, add translation if not English
1:17:16 Med-Bed appointments for critical conditions. Faster treatment.
1:22:17 Do currencies have to be public on the Forex?
1:22:49 GESARA News April 10, 2024
1:49:44 Q&A Section
1:50:09 Hannah: Protests in Canberra driving truck, attacked by police. 40 years jail.
2:03:53 Philip: Los Angeles out of control, rampant crime, corruption
2:10:16 Derek: Everything orchestrated, RV has to happen
2:15:50 Jack: Trump and Mike Johnson, Gas report, Stopping a truck,
2:24:45 Richard: Tsunami started with eclipse, yet not visible.
2:29:53 Michael: Military Intelligence, Crime increased with Obama, We don't know anything.
2:43:04 Kyrki: Prayers of Protection. Land Registry, New Constitutional attorney.
3:09:38 Robert: RV happening? Cryptocurrencies. Peace. Elections
3:30:45 Barbera: Big Mac problems, Dad designed RR track/scenery around top wall.
3:36:14 Barbera: Tries to smooth things over. Do not obsess. Ink-colours and law.
3:38:10 Robert: Warranty Deed signed in blue.
3:39:04 Wrapping up. Post production. Treadmill.
3:44:20 End.

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