2023-03-05 101 - The GESARA Show

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Anniversary > GESARA Room 101
March 5, 2023, The GESARA Room 101 - Sunday
Duration: 2:52:15

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the "Room One-O-One" episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

Today's show pays homage to "Room 101" from George Orwell's book "1984". In that book, Room 101 was depicted as a place where you would be confronted with your worst personal fears. This would be different for each individual. Indiana Jones would find a room full of snakes, for example. In this show, we ask the members what fear they would put into Room 101 to lock it away forever.

In order to celebrate both 100 episodes and a year of the GESARA Show, this and all shows up to 105 are free and anyone can join us. We welcome you all to see our upcoming special episodes.

0:00:00 Part 1: Room 101 introduction
0:02:47 - Basics of NESARA/GESARA
0:17:16 - When will it happen?
0:20:00 - Room 101 and Q&A
0:28:09 Part 2: GESARA News
1:06:53 Part 3: Q&A
2:37:21 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:46:07 Part 5: Final Thoughts
2:46:32 - Is GESARA coming, or not?
2:47:50 - One year GESARA Show, tell your friends. Website improvements
2:50:30 Wrapping up, good-byes
2:52:15 End.

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