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Hi, my name is Peter Walker and I am your host for the GESARA Talk Show.

The GESARA Show discusses the Global Currency Reset, NESARA, GESARA, Quantum Financial Reset, Common Law, UCC1-308 Trust fund, health issues, topical events and the latest Intel.

You may remember Peter as one of the original hosts of the Charlie Ward After Party from its inception until April 2022, when David took over the After Party and unfortunately later discontinued it.
Our GESARA Show is still going strong and when you join our live show, you can ask your questions and make comments in the Chat, as well.

Our show is financed by subscription ($10 month, $26 for 3, $52 for 6 months and $99 for a year) and otherwise has no advertising or sponsorship. We occasionally offer free episodes where you can join the show free and without obligation. In order to take part, you need to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet or Smartphone.


Topic: GESARA Talk Show 239, with Peter and Barbara - Saturday - FREE SHOW
(Live show limited to 500 people)

Special Guest: Surprise - Very High Up In RV-Process

Don't miss this Show, which is free for all to join. The RV is starting, it has never been more important. Pass this post on, far and wide!

Join us for a live celebration of the biggest event of our Lives. As it is a Zoom-Meeting, you have the opportunity to ask your questions and have your say during the Show.
The GESARA Show has a reputation for the best Intel, most informed hosts, Top GESARA News, without NDA Restrictions, with a world-wide family community.

Don't Miss This Show - Zoom Required.

July 20, 2024 - SATURDAY
08:00 UTC-10, HST, Honolulu
10:00 UTC-08, AKDT, Anchorage
11:00 UTC-07, PDT, Pacific Time, Los Angeles
11:00 UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Phoenix
12:00 UTC-06, MDT, Mountain Time, Denver
13:00 UTC-05, CDT, Central Time, Chicago
14:00 UTC-04, EDT, Eastern Time, New York
15:00 UTC-03, Brazil, Sao Paulo
19:00 UTC+01, BST, London
20:00 UTC+02, CEST, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
20:00 UTC+02, SAST, Johannesburg, Lesotho, Swaziland
21:00 UTC+03, EEST, Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Kiev
21:00 UTC+03, MSK, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Minsk, Moscow, Qatar
23:30 UTC+05:30, IST, India, Islamabad, Karachi

July 21, 2024 - SUNDAY
02:00 UTC+08, AWST, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing
03:00 UTC+09, JST, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul
04:00 UTC+10, AEST, Brisbane
04:00 UTC+10, AEST, Melbourne, Sydney
06:00 UTC+13, NZST, Auckland, Wellington

Disclaimer: We are not providing medical, financial or legal advice and we are not legally trained. The information that is provided is what has been researched and applied. We accept no responsibility for actions based on what you heard from us.

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Last two Free Shows
April 20, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 214 - Saturday
Duration: 5:02:40 - Captions in English and German

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Barbara (FL, USA)

Special Guest: Wolverine

0:00:00 Introduction, Favourite co-host? What is the GESARA Show?
0:07:21 How Wolverine was invited to the show
0:09:49 Lizzy Pip's thank-you message
0:14:36 10 Rules to Follow…
0:16:30 How to determine if your ZIM is real.
0:19:26 Website updates, FAQ section on RV page
0:40:37 Cory: Ledger NANO S+ to secure crypto
0:43:36 Dell: WWIII Charade video
0:45:15 Preparing for Wolverine…
0:47:55 GESARA News, April 20, 2024
1:14:54 Germaine: Project Blacklisted companies, Clawback, John Dowling's latest?
1:24:38 Jack: Zimbabwe richest co? Gas Report
1:31:41 Hannah: Can we start later? On dogs…
1:43:30 Cajun Girl: What happened today on the spiritual stage (4-20-24)!!?
1:45:40 Marly: Which currency best to gift friends?
1:50:40 Deborah: Which phone is best for the RV? Her vote, Negative news…
2:00:08 Michael: We're here to support each other, we take risks with our infos.
2:12:01 Wolverine: Message from Michael Ruben- General Paymaster
2:19:47 Wolvie's opera, Charlie & Mark in Brazil, Europe/ Hong Kong happenings
2:24:52 Peter: Do you know what is in the NDA?
2:27:45 Wolvie: Med beds/ serious illnesses, Zim's value up or same?
2:36:20 INVEST! (Real estate, gold/ metals), look after others, avoid common pitfalls
2:40:36 Wolvie's health journey, alarm clock
2:43:25 Jack: Do you still expect a 'scare event'? When maybe?
2:48:20 Barbara: What is your day job? Skye Prince, Only a messenger
3:00:12 Get-together planned in Sydney, Australia sometime in August/September.
3:02:15 Summary of Wolverine's talk
3:03:36 Introduction to Ashtara, planet is turning very positive
3:07:12 Quarantine for negatives/positives?
3:09:10 Positive earth changes-portals, pyramid
3:09:10 Will all humans awaken to the God within? Bodies without souls?
3:11:18 Is the war over? Galactive Codex?
3:12:05 Hybrid choices? Deep state remnants
3:13:55 SSP status vs. Space force
3:16:36 Jack: have all negatives been removed from Mars?Past wars?
3:19:57 Jack: Will Earth have years of peace?
3:22:07 Protect yourself spiritually against dark energy ! Avatars !
3:24:35 Are all communications monitored? Justice will prevail?
3:27:29 Can the negative ones still cause trouble?
3:30:05 Title 50 USC 1550 War Powers Resolution 20.12.2019- Ongoing?
3:37:19 John: Where does God fit into the picture?
3:45:00 Kyrki: Update on progress on the auction.
3:54:00 Donations needed of 500 Euros to Kyrki
3:55:10 Ashtara: Should we have a break out room for issues with specialists?
3:58:40 Matt Klee- "ET Let’s Talk"
4:11:29 SueG: What path to a Republic/ Advancing in other directions?
4:15:54 Ashtara: The beast's head is gone
4:21:03 Potential solution: David L. Straight/ One Sick Of States/
4:23:45 A method to donate to Kyrki
4:27:45 Sueg: It is time to do something to bring us into the future
4:29:06 Ashtara: Can we co-create to bring us into light? A tough planet !
4:32:40 Ashtara: The Maharishi Effect can assist to get it done?
4:40:32 Nancy: General Jural Assembly can assist?
4:50:14 Hannah: Are white hats aware of Wallenberg family in Sweden?
4:55:24 The Wallenberg's control many factors of earth?
5:00:23 Ashtara: Video on jabs in Sweden/Switzerland and others
5:02:40 End.

Special RV Infos:

Getting started on the GESARA Show
May 4, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 218 - Saturday
Duration: 5:12:00 - Captions in English and German

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Barbara (St. Louis, USA)

0:00:00 Introduction, May the Forth be with You!
0:01:30 Celebrating Star Wars Day
0:03:29 Tim Russ (Tuvok on Star Trek) explains Star Wars Day
0:06:28 Celebrating 10,000 Members of
0:13:08 Learn about subscribing to the GESARA Show:
0:19:32 Latest Intel on RV. Prepare here:
0:26:38 For those saying no shit is happening… (funny)
0:30:38 Operation Storm in progress EO 13818
0:37:15 Corruption in local councils.
0:39:50 Cabal actors to be arrested. Tribunals.
0:41:56 War planned in Ukraine, stopped by Musk.
0:44:38 MarkZ us may be done by May 9th.
0:45:29 How to find Peter at FedCon, next week.
0:48:07 Iraqi Banks, digital banking system. Reducing large denominations
0:49:50 Expected rates at the RV, we are the "Chosen Ones"
0:52:48 Will they not just drop the zeros? Zim 1:1?
0:59:55 GESARA News, May 4, 2024
1:22:21 Q&A Section
1:23:14 Mr. Dog: Is Quantum Stella Initiative (QSI), Emily legitimate?
1:31:45 Pat: People coming back, who we thought were dead. White Hats? Alt King?
1:36:30 Germaine: Trust is now open. How do we know if notification is legitimate?
1:40:10 Dangers leaving RV Center? Cash? Decide where to RV?
1:43:31 Isolated, no friends, what do you do? Anyone near Barberton, Ohio? Change project?
1:48:05 Jack: Gas report, Ocean clean-up project
2:03:25 Obi-Wan Derek: Long detailed explanation of court case in the UK, etc.
2:41:36 Michelle: Gives appreciation for the community.
2:43:56 Michael: We have no gov, all over. EBS Info's, false fears, all a movie.
2:55:31 Lizzy: Who is going to do the work, if we are all millionaires?
2:57:37 Mr. Dog: Militiaman chat system, Verified intel's, Disclaimer for Dinars, D.C. empty
3:10:38 Hannah: Many people will do hobbies, we will not be poor.
3:17:20 Cory: Has also seen disclaimers like Mr. Dog. Work ethics in future, Star Trek
3:25:07 Donna: Common law group in Australia. Medbeds, commercial alternatives
3:37:26 Live Chat with Wolverine and Carpathia
3:52:36 Barbara: More signs of movement, what will life be like after RV
3:01:01 Peter: Been helping people, all his life, synergetic help.
3:56:52 Sueg: People are doing so much to help others ie, Peter, OBI, Dell, etc.
3:59:40 Synergy effect, working together, sharing resources.
4:04:16 Ashtara: Her journey with civil administration
4:20:02 Energy clean/come together as 1/ Maharishi effect/manifest
4:26:04 Jean-Michel Jarre/ Equinox/Oxygen/ 432 Hz.
4:29:18 Book: Greenglow- Gravity Control/ Quest for Zero Point Energy
4:34:38 Differ. b/t service to self vs. service to others
4:35:54 Will everyone ascend?
4:37:02 How to read faster? Do we have to read it?
4:41:20 Pascal Najadi/Dylan Monroe/Brian O'Leary/ New Templars
4:42:03 Donna: Ornum Sanctum? /Living man/
4:47:52 Stand strong against dark forces
4:48:42 FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real
4:49:00 Documents from Vatican, 777 Books of Quo, Roman empire
4:54:19 Ashtara: Dark forces have to give fortune back to people?
4:55:25 People/courts need to be retrained in common law?
4:56:25 Dell: TTM=Table Top Meeting, Greenglow book
4:58:06 Ashtara: New technology will be returned to people?
5:03:40 Cory: Credo Harold, Scarab beetle, Lost Civilizations?
5:06:00 Ashtara: How does the water transpire up a tree?
5:10:12 Wrapping up
5:12:00 End.

Getting started on the GESARA Show
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