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December 21, 2022, The GESARA Show 082 - Christmas Show
Duration: 2:43:45

Hosts: Peter Walker, Billy Gillies and GESARA Bear,

This is the Christmas GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

In this Christmas Show, we take a light hearted look at Christmas and how it is often portrayed on TV commercials. How Christmas is being celebrated on the wrong date, and even the GESARA Bear asks a question!
We also answer viewers questions on NESARA, UCC1-308, stamps and the germ theory. The show is full of Christmas cheer and looking forward to 2023. The bonus shows more short Christmas movies disguised as commercials from UK TV.

0:00:00 GESARA Show Christmas Introduction with Bear.
0:03:41 Peter recalls a Bear from 1977…
0:06:19 Peter's favourite UK Christmas TV Adverts.
0:07:01 Hillary's Christmas Present…
0:08:02 Jenny Coleman's ("Jenna" in Dr Who) Christmas Bag of Joy…
0:11:38 An electronics store gets a special visitor…
0:13:08 A Cat, Calamity..
0:16:45 Should we be celebrating Christmas in December?
0:19:53 Important visitor in Washington, D.C.
0:22:45 End of World Cup Football…
0:23:01 Elon Musk wearing a mask?
0:24:23 Q&A: Kirsten, After Party blackout, had to end show. 3 days of darkness.
0:30:22 Q&A: Debbie, When NESARA goes, will Canada be under the USA?
0:31:40 Q&A: Christos, Heating in Berlin, 6th January is baptism, not 7th.
0:34:42 - Alexander Quade (German "Charlie") arrested.
0:37:36 GESARA News
0:49:11 Q&A Section
0:50:01 Q&A: Pat, Charlie says any Bank that does not meet Basel 4, will close on Jan 9.
0:53:17 More on Alexander Quade arrest.
0:54:48 When will debt be cleared, etc.?
0:56:37 Q&A: Derek, Back in 2000, the UN took over all military/police. Reason military everywhere.
1:01:50 Q&A: Michael, So much disinformation. What should we do?
1:04:26 Q&A: Richard, asks about UCC Training. Why listing property in Addendum?
1:06:49 Q&A: Darren, Black hats threatening planet killing virus.
1:12:45 Q&A: David, What bounds the dark hats, is blackmail. They are divided.
1:14:14 - Zelensky in Washington, D.C.?
1:15:59 - Lloyds of London pulled insurance cover for sports and leisure.
1:20:01 Q&A: Robert, Video on orthomolecular salts. / The end of the germ theory on BitChute
1:25:26 Q&A: Kirsten, "The big day" video is not about Christmas.
1:28:39 Q&A: Cari Sue, Deep state has poorer weapons
1:29:53 Q&A: Dale, Was short of $10 at grocery store and next customer paid difference.
1:31:38 Q&A: Stella, UCC Albion, now you have filed, when is it valid.
1:33:07 Q&A: Tamera, Was ill and now has to catch up on UCC, etc.
1:37:56 Q&A: GESARA Bear, Wants to know if he can submit a UCC1-308?
1:39:10 Q&A: Christos, Arizona election fraud.
1:44:58 Q&A: Louisa, Tax money for gender, etc. Omnibus bill.
1:48:20 Q&A: Ann, Has no birth certificate from Poland.
1:51:27 Q&A: Patricia U, UCC in German? now online.
1:55:22 Q&A: Klaus, His grandfather was born in Poland, try the church for BC.
1:56:54 Q&A: Kirstin, More fencing around the Capitol.
1:57:40 Q&A: Sherry, Used Debit Card to buy Crypto. Told to leave bank. Try Revolut:
2:00:45 Q&A: Louisa, Experiences with centralised banking
2:03:49 Final thoughts. Stamp order status. Look back at the year.
2:07:18 Q&A: Richard, Using VistaPrint?
2:08:44 Q&A: Judy, Thank-you and nice big party in summer.
2:07:17 "Joy to the World" Christmas Carol
2:11:29 Good byes…
2:14:59 Selection of Christmas videos…
2:43:45 End.

Our "Best Of the GESARA Show Special" will be released on December 28. 2022.
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