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April 9, 2023, The GESARA Show 111 - Channelling Special
Duration: 3:21:42

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Gerd Steeger (Lissabon, Portugal).

0:00:00 Part 1: Introduction with Gerd Steeger
0:33:53 Part 2: GESARA News
1:03:07 Part 3: Connections with the other side. Awakening.
1:10:47 - Introduction to Channelling
1:11:58 - The questions we asked Archangels Joschua and Metatron.
1:13:27 - The Flat Earth question
1:22:21 - The First Channeling from Archangel Joshua.
1:30:17 - Comments on first Channelling
1:47:04 - The Second Channeling from Archangel Metatron.
1:55:39 - Comments on second Channelling
1:59:16 Part 4: Q&A
2:59:21 Summary of Charlie's News.
3:05:23 General Q&A
3:15:40 Wrapping up, look ahead to our Titanic Special next Sunday.
3:21:42 End.

Peter Walker and Gerd discussed the afterlife and how memories are stored, as well as the concept of energy exchange and the potential for humans to access more of their DNA strands after ascension. Gerd has written a book about this topic and has had personal experiences with the afterlife.

Gerd and Peter Walker discussed the commercialization of Easter and how the deep state is trying to take away the religious meaning of the festival. They also discussed the emergency broadcast system activation, the US dollar no longer being accepted in Iraq, and the new global financial system becoming official.

Gerd believes that telepathy will become a part of life in the next 20-30 years, and that the difficult part is the awakening part, where people must control their ego and fears. He also believes that the world will become a beautiful place once this happens.

Peter Walker and Gerd agree that the flat earth theory is likely created by the deep state to confuse people and that it is important to not take on the fear that the deep state is trying to spread. They also agree that it is important to not judge others and to love oneself in order to be closer to God.

Peter Walker: Peter Walker suggested that the Earth is a sphere, not a ball, and that there may be multiple universes and dimensions that we don't understand. Gerd suggested that Admiral Bird spoke about the Earth being a flat plane, but that the photographs he saw showed otherwise. Derek Betts suggested that the Earth is not a ball, but rather a plane with many other realms outside of the ice wall. Gerd also suggested that the black hole is the Universe's recycling bin and that whatever comes out is always a globe.

Gerd suggested that Archangel Metatron is a high angel, alongside Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Metatron explained that Donald Trump will not be re-elected and that a new currency will be introduced, but it will take some time. Metatron also said that Jesus Christ will come again, but not in the near future, and that twelve DNA strands will be used through incarnation processes. Finally, the Earth is not a disc, and it is important to check all information before believing it.

Stella asked a question about Delora O'Brien, a South African mystic who prophesied that Donald Trump would be president and have two impeachments. She asked if anyone had heard of Delora and the Gathering, and Gerd responded that he had not. Peter Walker then asked Stella to show them something on her other device.

Stella Camenzuli shared her experience of being named personally in a show and how it made her feel. Jacint and Peter from Belgium discussed synchronicity and Robert Turner discussed the Federal Reserve's cryptocurrency and the death of the man who started Cash App.

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