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August 17, 2022, The GESARA Show 045 - Presidential Special
Duration: 2:28:14

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Wendoine, Belgium) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

This is the 45th episode of the new GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

In this Presidential Special, after the introduction and latest news, we show a video on the plan behind Trump's time as president and also discuss the legacy of Trump and how it will continue.

This is discussed more in the Q&A section.

The Bonus video shows another video comparing the Brandon period with "The Best is yet to Come!"
0:00:00 Introduction/Billy's official candidacy announcement for U.S. president in 2048  
0:02:23 Peter is interested in being an ambassador to Europe.
0:02:53 Today is the 17th and also our 45th episode of the GESARA SHOW.
0:04:02 Billy's restaurant in Belgium
0:05:42 What's the specialty at Billy's restaurant?
0:06:47 The official 2020 Trump Coin keepsake
0:07:29 Q&A: Do I [Billy] or do I not eat oysters in the months with an "R"?
0:07:43 Belgians speak three languages.
0:10:50 Q&A: What river in Cologne is so low that barges are not going to be able to travel on it?
0:11:20 The low water level of Lake Mead could affect the water supply to Arizona and Nevada.
0:12:46 Liz Cheney lost her bid by a landslide to be re-elected in Wyoming.
0:14:44 The Peter/Billy Belgian chocolate coin
0:16:27 News section
0:18:41 The king has one last move and then it's checkmate.  God wins!
0:18:49 Iraq has put out a new rate for their dinar.
0:18:57 Iraqi's Minister of Finance resigned yesterday.
0:19:09 Iraq is in negotiations right now to release the rate and once that is released we are a go!
0:19:47 The White Hats are going after the cartels in Mexico that will affect the U.S.
0:21:42 Peter has a screen issue.  Billy takes over.
0:25:14 A Judy note in reference to the NESARA/GESARA, Global Currency Reset, and zim bonds scam being misinformation
0:28:24 Over 400 sites across the U.S. are planned for liberal protests to Deep State riots against SCOTUS with expected National Guard deployment.
0:30:23 Chief Justice Roberts was a turncoat.
0:31:20 The cartels need to be taken down in order to totally destroy the Deep State
0:32:15 Space Force takes over all military satellite communications.
0:35:55 The housing market is about to collapse.
0:36:24 German and Dutch farmers protest against the EU climate policy regarding agriculture.
0:38:58 OPEC countries are in BRICS so the oil supply everywhere will be through gold.
0:39:19 Military tribunals are moving to Guam because Gitmo is overloaded.
0:40:12 End of news
0:40:21 Good job, Billy!
0:45:13 Billy gives a Trump video presentation.
0:49:16 Video link:
1:03:38 Peter talks about why he became interested in Trump and began researching him.
1:06:44 Billy mentions posting a lot of videos on his Telegram channel.
1:07:24 Q&A: Jim Jackson, I have a friend who just found out he has cancer.  What were you talking about that he needs to build his body up with?
1:12:23 Q&A: Debbie from Dallas, Have you ever heard of David Schmidt?  Klaus Schwab the day it happens.  What happens to his money?
1:18:23 Q&A: Tamara from Phoenix, Has anyone heard of this movie called Don't Worry Darling?
1:25:36 Q&A: Claire Warner, Am I right in hearing that when the Med Beds come the unvaccinated will go first?  She asks a second vaccine related question.
1:31:09 Q&A: Claire Warner, When the QFS kicks off, will it be shortly after that the over 65 monthly payment kicks in?
1:32:15 Q&A: Sherry, Ron Giles said people who are following him doing projects do not have to have a zim bond.  How does that work?  Is that true information?  She asks a second humanitarian project related question.
1:36:02 Q&A: Derek Betts, Is there anything you can do for shedding?
1:38:42 Q&A: Don Bishop, Valuable information regarding protection from the effects of shedding
1:42:41 Q&A: Pete Curtis, If you have multiple projects are you going to have time to give multiple presentations?  He asks a second humanitarian related project question.
1:47:54 Q&A: Donna P, Do you two Trekkie experts consider The Orville a better series than Star Trek: The Next Generation?
1:51:55 Q&A: Debbie Hubacek, Do you think the RV will come out by the end of this year?
2:00:45 Q&A: Barbara, Anxiety recently and wanting to cry, what is going on?
2:05:32 Billy has either Spock ears or angel wings!
2:08:35 Q&A: Patricia Hillyard, What banks are here?  What do we do when we get this information finally on the recap?
2:15:18 Q&A: Pete Curtis, My fiancée has bonds as well.  Should I have her in there with me?
2:16:49 Q&A: Derek Betts, Is the pound changing?
2:18:00 Final Thoughts of the Day/Final show from Belgium
2:24:14 Bonus: President Donald J. Trump: A Nation In Decline
2:28:14 End
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