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April 16, 2023, The GESARA Show 113 - Titanic Special
Duration: 3:28:45

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Animation: Titanic hits the Iceberg at 23:40, April 14, 1912
0:05:53 Introduction with Peter Walker
0:08:19 Animation: 23:52 Titanic at full stop, background story.
0:48:40 Peter commentates on the events of the Titanic
0:49:04 Titanic Q&A
0:58:49 Update on the sinking at 00:37, April 15, 1912
0:59:32 Titanic Q&A
1:06:33 Virtual tour of the Titanic, using the Demo 401 v. 2.0 software.
1:07:17 - 1st Class Promanade Deck (Deck A)
1:09:47 - Grand Staircase, 1st class areas
1:14:14 - The Boiler Rooms
1:16:22 - 1st Class Dining Rooms, cabins, Turkish Baths, pool.
1:28:36 - 3rd Class tour
1:38:12 - Crew Compartments, crows nest, bow machinery.
1:44:40 - Officers Only, bridge tour.
1:49:35 - Boat deck tour.
1:51:55 - 2nd Class rooms
2:02:31 - Aft Deck Tour
2:03:30 Return to live view of sinking ship at 01:46
2:07:10 The Heart of the Ocean.
2:12:23 Ship sinking at 01:55
2:16:10 GESARA News (with continuing views of sinking)
2:24:52 Continued coverage of the sinking…
2:37:58 Titanic has sunk at 02:20, April 15, 1912
2:40:01 Epitaph
2:41:13 Titanic Q&A
3:28:04 Wrapping up.
3:28:44 End.

The Titanic Special uses stunning computer animations to recreate the sinking and give you a photorealistic tour of the Titanic on its maiden voyage, narrated by Peter Walker.

Peter Walker discussed the events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic on its 111th anniversary, including the plan to replace the Titanic with the Olympic, the crash with the HMS Hawk, and the failure of the planned rescue by the California due to an error in location and the interference of a fishing boat.

Peter Walker discussed the sinking of the Titanic, which was planned to ensure that influential bankers who opposed the global strategic plan of J.P. Morgan would go down with the ship. He also discussed the introduction of the privatized central banking system, which has been in place for many decades and is now threatened by NESARA/GESARA. He encouraged viewers to spread the word and fight against the central bank digital currency in order to save humanity from the financial mafia.

Peter Walker is showing a demo of a computer-generated Titanic, which allows viewers to virtually explore the ship. He explains that the Titanic was rebranded from the Olympic, and that some passengers reported that their cabins were not where they expected them to be. He also explains that the Titanic had an inspection, but it was done quickly and the inspectors were likely paid off. He then shows the viewers around the ship, including the Crow's Nest and the bridge.

Peter Walker showed the engine room, 1st and 3rd class cabins, the swimming pool, and the 3rd class dining room on the Titanic, allowing viewers to explore the ship in detail. He also explained why the area was called "steerage" and showed the 1st class dining room where Cal and Rose had their dinner.

Peter Walker took the group on a virtual tour of the Titanic, showing them the different areas of the ship, from the crew quarters to the bridge, and the 1st and 2nd class areas. He showed them the deck chairs, the lifts, and the smoking room, and explained the differences between 1st and 2nd class cabins. He also pointed out the collapsible boats and the captain's wheelhouse.

Peter Walker explains that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers were segregated on the Titanic and that the 2nd class area was quite small. He then shows a reproduction of the Heart of the Ocean necklace and explains how it was a surprise Easter present for his wife. Finally, he explains that the Titanic broke in half when it sank and that the other half was found by following the coal stream.

Peter Walker was not aware of the connection between the Titanic story and what the cabal has done since, when the Titanic movie was originally released in 1997. The Titanic was the start of the central banks and the cabal has been responsible for catastrophes such as World War I, World War II, 9/11, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War, all for the bankers.

The participants discussed the role of the Sicilian Mafia in helping the Allied forces win World War II, the Federal Reserve Act, and the Julian calendar.

The Titanic Demo 401, version 2.0 software used, is available for free at this website: https://titanichg.com/project-401
A powerful Graphic Card is needed to play this software: Peter installed the NVIDIA 1080TI Founders Edition 11GB

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