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December 20, 2023, The GESARA Show 181 - Christmas Show
Duration: 4:31:00

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Kirsten Crandall (NC, USA)

This is the Christmas GESARA Show where Peter and Kirsten inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and the RV.

In this Christmas Show, we take a light hearted look at Christmas and how it is often portrayed on TV commercials. Ashtara adds a spiritual look as well.

0:00:00 Will notifications start today?
0:02:50 Happy Birthday Jack!
0:12:31 5 days to Christmas, 4 days in Germany.
0:13:41 Christmas Videos section
0:15:21 Coming Home for Christmas - Heathrow Airport
0:16:43 Heathrow Christmas Advert 2023
0:18:33 Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour 2023
0:20:15 The Letter -
0:22:19 Dancer - Argos Christmas Ad 2023
0:23:07 Kevin and the Christmas Factory - Aldi 2023
0:24:54 Bohemian Rhapsody - John Lewis
0:27:40 Featuring Elton John - John Lewis
0:30:23 Who gives presents to Santa? Boots 2023
0:32:27 Uplifting present for Christmas - DocMorris
0:35:22 Tradition of mini-Christmas movies
0:38:16 The Great Christmas Chase - Air New Zealand
0:40:43 A Holiday to Remember - Chevrolet
0:46:39 Kirsten-Trump banned in Colorado elections
0:50:12 Notifications imminent?
0:52:47 GESARA News, Dec. 20, 2023
1:23:45 Stock market down, conspiracies come true.
1:31:50 Gerd: Experiences with LOBSTR and
1:37:20 Q&A Section
1:39:45 Hannah: Indigenous people, Paula China & Dan Andrew’s
1:49:50 Ann: XRP in Canada, NDE’s
2:10:27 Rose: Notifications?
2:11:52 Vorsprung durch Technik
2:12:51 Rose: XRP & a Cold Wallet?
2:17:55 Jennifer: Dinar and serial numbers, converting Arabic numbers into English numbers
2:21:51 Jack: Gas Report, Charlie notes & Chella Smith, CH21
2:30:21 Michelle: Hi and Merry Christmas
2:32:42 iphoneJoJo: submitting serial numbers on currency
2:37:42 Cajun girl: “Reinfield” movie review
2:42:34 Rose: serial numbers on currency & hacking? Where to find Christian Sibley (Sibley22) on rumble.
2:43:45 Barbara: Cookies, resignation to CC, Simon Parkes
2:59:43 Michael: Internet Protocol to be used in future. Med-Beds
3:19:19 Darren: YouTube link-Gary Nolan interview, GISC conference, Amazon Prime “Outer Range”
3:25:53 Clive: Redemption Centers in South Africa?, ZIM Projects?
3:34:38 Ashtara: NDE’s, Dr. Eban and Dr. Penny Sartori, Akashic Records, healing frequencies, BlazeTV, Disclosure, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Cocoon, Elizabeth Proffit
4:01:40 Ashtara+Barbara: Arthur back to Celtic, Law of One, Space Force
4:14:50 Wrapping up
4:19:30 The Event And Beyond
4:31:00 End.

Thank-you for watching the GESARA Show during 2023. We wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or whatever greeting represents your faith. See you next year...

Peter Walker

Our "Best Of the GESARA Show 2023 Special" will be released on December 28. 2023.
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