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September 28, 2022, The GESARA Show 057 - UCC-1-308 Special
Duration: 2:43:10

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Angie and Mandy (in England).

This is the 57th episode of the GESARA Show where Peter, Angie and Mandy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics.

Billy is no longer available on Wednesdays as he has had to take on another job to pay his living costs. He will continue to take part on our Sunday show. We are looking at what can be done to be able to pay him enough to be able to take part on Wednesdays again.

Billy put out an appeal for help, in order to be able to keep living in his home until money from the new job (or the RV) can be used. He needed $500 by the end of September and that goal has been met - thank-you. Any additional donations are very welcome as follows:
- Use the "Thank-you" subscription of this forum. https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com/subscribe


This is a UCC-1-308 Special that explains the meaning of Unified Commercial Code 1, section 308. If you have never heard of this before, this show will explain what you need to know. When you were born, your parents registered your birth and that was the start of your trust fund - it is just that nobody told you about it. That trust has been traded on the stock market, building the value of your trust into the millions. Whenever you ask a bank for a loan, they use your signature to take the money from your trust and give it to you. They then ask you to pay them back for a "loan" that they have already been paid for in full, 90 days later.

UCC-1-308 is the process for you to take control of your trust and be able to use the money there for your own needs. You will never need a loan again. But first, you need to be trained and submit the necessary paperwork, etc. and that is what the GESARA Show plans to train you to do. This training will take place every Wednesday and we will guide you through the entire process in about two months. There is no charge for this service beyond having a full subscription to the GESARA Show. Watch this show for a lot more details on this.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:20 Message from Billy
00:02:17 How can we help Billy?
00:05:26 Introduction to Angie
00:07:27 What is UCC-1-308?
00:15:23 Billy's group
00:16:25 Tweaked the paperwork
00:17:41 Trust is in Washington D.C.
00:19:49 Is this pseudo-law?
00:22:08 Our UCC-1-308 training will be free, just active subscription needed.
00:24:04 "Dead and lost at sea" - the background.
00:26:05 What are we doing with the UCC-1-308?
00:28:44 Queen was deposed in 2001
00:32:53 The critics.
00:33:28 What we will be doing.
00:35:22 What the GESARA Show is planning.
00:40:07 There is a process to this. You are worth your weight in Gold.
00:43:01 You will become the beneficiary of your trust.
00:44:08 Will this happen automatically with GESARA?
00:46:44 Clauses 1, 13, 39 & 40, Magna Carta
00:47:45 Preparing for the NEWS
00:49:57 NEWS and Intel
01:20:27 Q&A Intro
01:21:17 Q&A: Sherry, Zim redemption center in London?
01:22:16 Q&A: Yvette, USTN, Birth Trust, Soverenty, Social Security.
01:26:25 Q&A: Steve, Do documents have to be notarised?
01:35:39 Q&A: Jack, Can Biden implement their Digital Money before RV?
01:37:19 Q&A: Jack, Germany and blown pipelines?
01:41:18 Q&A: Kerstin, Bond holders paid. Help Billy. Gained Angie.
01:43:39 Q&A: DéLise, Zim exchange in Israel?
01:46:36 Q&A: Darren, Charlie suggested watch Deep State currency fail.
01:50:01 Q&A: Patricia U, What is UCC all about?
01:55:15 Q&A: Derek, Be kind in this amazing time.
02:00:30 Q&A: Michael, When do we know this all happening…
02:03:12 Q&A: Steve, UCC process, what about family/assetts?
02:06:43 Q&A: Steve, Prof. Richard Werner describes Fiat system.
02:10:59 Q&A: Derek, Everyone has an On and Off Ledger.
02:13:39 Q&A: Steve, On and Off Ledger.
02:16:19 Q&A: Ravi, Training on Wednesday? Without Birth Certificate?
02:22:27 Direction of the GESARA Show?
02:25:21 Final Thoughts of the Day.
02:26:34 Good Byes…
02:26:54 Bonus: IRS Agent - income tax is voluntarily
02:43:10 End.

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