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July 3, 2022, The GESARA Show 032 - Sunday - Common Law Special
Duration: 2:48:02

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Sharon Mason (in Amersham, UK) with special guest Geoff Cook.
Billy Gillies was unable to take part and Sharon Mason took on the moderating role.
Geoff Cook stood in for Ron E West, although Ron did take part for some of the show.
Geoff can be found on Telegram at:

This is the 32nd episode of the GESARA Show. In this special show, we discussed Constitutional Common Law, Magna Carta, Cestui Que Vie accounts, how to regain your constitutional rights with the Common Law Court, CLC Number plates for your car, and much more - a fascinating discussion on what you need to know to recover your God given rights as a man or woman.

Unfortunately, this is the last show with Ron E. West, who died on the evening of 8th July 2022, just 5 days after this recording was made. This show has been updated to include a dedication to Ron at the beginning.

The show ends with a film from David Straight "YOU'RE WORTH $100,000,000", that discusses accessing the "Cestui Que Vie" account, you have had as long as your birth certificate and knew nothing about.
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