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April 18, 2022, The GESARA Show 010 - Easter Monday
Duration: 2:31:22

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).
Special Guest: Gerd Steeger in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our GESARA Show Easter SPECIAL with a special guest speaker. Gerd is the German "Leana" and has been learning about spirituality for decades. His research has been published in book form as a story, to make it easier to comprehend. Peter has known Gerd for 40 years and has been saving this show especially for Easter. The book was originally written in German and Peter translated it into English.

Love Your Enemies: English Version

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Explanation of show rundown / Intel / Gerd Steeger/ Banter between Peter and Billy
0:02:55 Intel Begins... Appointments to happen soon
0:04:00 End Game and Internet Blackout
0:04:53 Project Odin
0:05:40 Regarding MarkZ comments
0:07:10 Trump Reinstated on twitter
0:07:30 Hunter's Laptop
0:08:25 Scare Event in NY possible
0:09:50 Ukraine news
0:10:23 Gen Flynn Military Largest Sting Operation /Martial Law
0:12:00 Redemption before May 1st not told to general public
0:12:30 Now in End Game / very few know about NESARA GESARA
0:13:20 Cabal plans to hold on to their control / Green Pass
0:14:25 Hunter Laptop news
0:15:30 Military operation in NY tunnels
0:16:20 High Profile trials happening
0:17:00 Statute Law being replaced by Common Law
0:17:30 NWO Klaus Schwab promoting WARS
0:18:00 Supply Chain Crisis / Buy Food
0:19:40 Cabal wants digital currency control
0:20:45 Appointment information... More to come
0:24:00 Interview with Gerd Steeger
1:30:10 Sharon Q; Awakening Sessions/ Microsoft Products going down/Backing up data/ High Speed Rail Project
1:32:40 Gillian Q; Signal App / Buying Dong
1:34:50 Tamara Q; Appointment projects / Authenticity of Current Bible/ Edgar Casey comments
1:39:30 Sherry Q; Money safety in Mutual Funds
1:40:50 Karen Q; Redemption of Dong, Dinar, Bolivar / Horse rescue Project
1:42:00 Cynthia Q; Taking care of friends and family/distributing money to family tax free/ Edgar Casey comments
1:47:06 Delise Q; Travel during Martial Law and redemption during/ Green Pass moving forward/ Proof of ID
1:51:22 Kathleen Q; Comment regarding Gerd's Interview as well as other truthers
1:59:09 Sandra Q; Canada Censor Issues / Sovereignty under Common Law / Mortgages forgiven
2:03:00 Pam Q; Gifting Dong Dinar/ Redeeming Currency/ Delaying travel plans
2:07:04 Claire Q; Gerd speaking with Arch Angel Raphael
2:10:25 Ravi Q; Funding Existing Projects
2:12:19 Steinar Q; Zim redemption process
2:14:25 Matthew Q; Zim Redemption banking on QFS / 10 days of darkness
2:16:55 Sherry Q; Filing Taxes
2:18:06 Gayden Q; Filing Taxes / Gerd on Sylvia Brown / Trump Coins / Teaming up to do projects
2:21:00 Caroline Q; Older Dong redemption / Using Medians to speak to Ethereal / Deep State editing Bible
2:26:25 Madie Q; Exchanging Coins / Politicians to Step Down
2:28:29 Kevin Q; Zim without receipt
2:29:20 Gerd Final Thoughts
2:30:15 Perter Final Thoughts
2:31:00 Goodbyes

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