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July 16, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 138 - Michelle Moore Special
Duration: 3:58:56

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

Special Guest: Michelle Moore

0:00:00 Introduction. Special Guest: Michelle Moore
0:08:15 Timelines and Q clock
0:10:03 Banking Systems, Children, Forex, rates
0:14:05 RV News, Bond Trader intel from "Lon23"
0:20:05 Michelle’s source for RV/Humanitarian Projects
0:25:10 Richard Citizen, Nancy Drew, IRS, UCC
0:31:54 Common Law, State National, Vaccine Control Group
0:38:20 Truther, Conspiracy Theorists, Germany
0:47:14 Rights, Book Recommendations, Straw-Man
0:53:00 Supreme Court, Do Not Consent, Planes
1:01:42 Food Quality
1:12:02 Vaccinated Bluetooth, MK Ultra, Trump
1:23:26 Mike Gill, Human-trafficking, Bribes
1:25:34 Q&A Section (with Michelle)
1:25:36 Robert: Clinton’s, Grass-Fed Beef, Hospitals
1:31:45 Iris: General Flynn, Mike Gill, PPN, SOF, Discernment
2:09:55 Just Ne: Foreclosures on Farmers, GESARA
2:12:15 Derek: GESARA, Clinton, Flynn, Bible
2:17:23 Kirsten: CC meeting, Bing, Boom, Boom, Boom from Trump
2:18:36 Stella: Australia treated dismally during CV19, Fines, Schools
2:28:52 Patricia: Med Beds, Flynn, Trump, Pompeo
2:38:53 Lali (Les): RV Scams, Rates, Business plan templates
2:46:20 Looking for big projects. Michelle leaving show.
2:48:30 Q&A Section (without Michelle)
2:49:15 Stella: Tom Numbers
2:50:27 Derek: PPN, Not uplifting, Clintons, Discernment, Projects
2:58:03 Jack: Sound of Freedom, Emotions, Awareness, RV
3:03:03 GESARA News, recorded on July 16, 2023
3:17:01 Michelle iPhone: Titanic Cat, Michelle Moore, Robot dogs, Net shutdown, Guardians of the Galaxy.
3:22:45 Jack: Children, Milk Cartons
3:23:43 Kirsten: Fed delinquent on payments, TikTok for Bing, Boom, Boom, Net Shutdown, DOD Sauna
3:30:22 Derek: Great Show/ People commenting on chat/ Clive Power.
3:35:22 Wrapping up
3:36:19 Bonus video: Sound of Freedom and Truthers opinions.
3:58:56 End.

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