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March 3, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 200th Anniversary - Sunday
Duration: 4:47:15 - Captions in English and German

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Kirsten (NC. USA) and Barbara (FL, USA)

Special Guests: Conspiracy Analyst and Lizzy Pip

0:00:00 Look back at show start
0:03:36 Special Guest: Conspiracy Analyst
0:18:54 Situation in St. Louis
0:20:55 Trump won in Missouri, elections, comms, etc. Easter Timeline
0:24:28 Eclipse 8 April
0:28:00 Dates or Events?
0:34:45 The crazy Royals and gender problems. Funny names
0:40:49 GESARA News, March 3, 2024
1:00:24 Q&A Section
1:01:50 De'Lise: Life in Israel
1:06:24 Jack: Who is Billy? Charlie, After Party, Birmingham, Trump
1:13:00 Jack: Juan O-Savin says NESARA a scam, Gas Report
1:16:26 Stella: Haircuts, Julian Assange documentary, man flu, Peter's tally sheet
1:33:56 Louisa: Royal family, solar eclipse
1:38:53 Hannah: Queensland news - unlawful jab compensation, distractions
1:44:22 Germaine: Irresponsible parents, inappropriate parades, educating the younger generation
1:50:15 Derick: Liability notices, Cornwall court case, UK police
2:00:38 Robert: Certified and registered letters, world debt clock, Billy's Alabama story
2:12:30 Hannah: Federal police in Australia put on notice
2:15:26 Barbara: Want to swim with dolphins
2:22:46 Michael: Med beds and genders, meditation, ego
2:32:43 Ashtara & Lord Bryan: Meditation, exposing pedophiles
2:37:10 Derek: Corporations, Debt Collectors, U.C.C.
3:00:38 Ashtara: Military Tribunals, Starseeds, Sovereignty
3:15:15 Lord Bryan: Celestial Alignment, Arturians, Galactic Codex, Galactic Fam
3:26:15 Ashtara & Lord Bryan: Arcturians & the line of Melkesidic
3:40:10 Ashtara & Lord Bryan: Starships, Arturians & Merlins, Yeshua
3:55:13 Darren: Ashtar Command, E.T. Disclosures?
4:12:04 Chat question: Arcturians of the line of the Melkesidec
4:19:16 Dell: Saw UFO in black sky. Cosmic Battle in Sky, E.T.'s
4:32:00 Dell: Hydrogen fuel cell cars
4:34:51 Lizzy Pip presents her latest music: "GAIA" in 432Hz
4:44:44 Wrapping up…
4:47:10 End.

See Lizzy Pip's GESARA Show Piano Concerts in 432 Hz and her YouTube Channel

Ashtara's Room on the forum

Getting started on the GESARA Show


The meeting covered a wide range of topics, including technical difficulties, show history, and upcoming events. There were also discussions about personal experiences, health challenges, and light-hearted banter. The participants delved into current events, including the increase in crime in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Ukraine war, as well as topics such as eclipses, the Julian calendar, and the flat earth theory. The meeting also included discussions about social issues involving children, the importance of meditation, and the power dynamics at play in politics and legal matters.

Ashtara was a prominent voice in the meeting, passionately discussing spiritual concepts, ancient wisdom, and the insidious tactics used by dark forces to suppress spiritual awakening. She emphasised the need for truth to prevail and the potential fading out of individuals from reality, with new star-seeds emerging to support the Earth's ascension. Ashtara also delved into the intricacies of UK politics and legal matters, expressing scepticism and concern about the actions of specific politicians and civil servants. She shared personal experiences of encountering orbs and past lives with Berni, and discussed her interactions with government entities, highlighting her belief in her own sovereignty and her efforts to expose what she sees as their deceitful tactics.

Peter Walker also delivered a passionate speech, discussing the mass arrest of global elites and the accelerating economic collapse in the US and Europe. He emphasised the need for a global currency reset and criticised the flaws in the US legal system, citing examples of alleged injustices. Peter Walker advocated for martial law in the United States, explaining its implications and justifications, and expressing a sense of urgency to address the situation. The group engaged in a lively discussion about the possibility of integrating meditation into the show, with Michael advocating for the importance of being present and connected to source through meditation.

Overall, the meeting was characterised by a diverse range of discussions, from casual banter to serious topics such as social issues, politics, and spirituality. The participants expressed a genuine interest in reconnecting with each other and engaging in meaningful conversations. Ashtara and Peter Walker were prominent voices, sharing their insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics. The meeting ended with expressions of appreciation and plans for future engagements.

The show ended with a musical piece from Lizzy Pip which the members found deeply moving and caused Dell to grow wings.
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