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Anniversary > GESARA Show 102
March 8, 2023, The GESARA Show 102 - Wednesday

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gillies (St. Louis, USA).

This is the 102nd Anniversary episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy inform you on the latest intel on GESARA and Common Law where members of the https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com forum ask their questions on a wide range of topics.

We start with "Back to the Future" in order to inform the viewers that due to the start of daylight savings time, in America, the next few shows will start an hour later. This is until March 26 when Europe also switches to DST and our usual show times return.

We also celebrate "International Women's Day" and ask our members which women they would nominate for a special mention (besides partners). We got some really inspiring answers.

Other topics discussed were crypto, Tucker's Jan 6 footage, the CPAC speech and even UCC1-308 as plan B for GESARA. Peter asked a German lawyer some pertinent questions and many other topics were discussed in the Q&A.

After some meditation music, the bonus video is a speech Peter gave in 2006 about an oncologist that developed a remarkable way of stopping cancer that saved many thousands of lives. Dr. John Holt was a remarkable doctor and his story was made famous by a TV program - Australia's "A Current Affair." Peter's talk tells the whole story - this is a must see!

0:00:00 Part 1: Back to the Future - Time changes in America
0:02:47 - St Patrick's Day
0:08:58 - International Women's Day
0:13:10 - Insider Club Crypto
0:14:45 - Tucker's Jan 6 footage
0:17:55 - Trump's CPAC speech
0:19:10 - MarkZ, Emily, etc.
0:20:30 - UCC as plan B, extra filing appointment on Tuesday
0:27:00 - Getting Started page on website: https://gesara-show.com/getting-started.php
0:29:40 - Peter asked a German lawyer about UCC, etc… Same in US senate on constitution.
0:38:44 Part 2: GESARA News
1:07:03 Part 3: Q&A
2:06:11 Part 4: Meditate with Billy
2:15:01 Wrapping Up
2:16:02 Introduction and background to the Holt story
2:22:32 History of Dr. John Holt
2:24:52 Film clips originally shown at Rife Conference 2004
2:42:48 Previously unreleased clip that was also not shown at the conference.
2:49:12 Continuation of previously released clips
3:15:56 Basic Principles of Holt therapy
3:19:17 Film clips discussing setting up of government study
3:38:31 Background to results of government study
3:39:55 Two film clips discussing results of government study
3:52:53 Interview with Dr. John Holt
4:03:12 Final part of presentation
4:05:16 End.

Learn more about Dr. Holt and his work on Peter's Rife website:

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