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April 23, 2022, The GESARA Show 012 - REDEMPTION EXTRA - Saturday
Duration: 2:42:49

Captions available, click on the CC button.

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

He heard that the "After Party" (that we used to run) was cancelled on that Saturday, so we decided to run an Extra Show of our own.

As we are now so close to our Redemption Appointments, this was a good opportunity to provide extra advice on how to prepare.

Note: This live meeting was open for Everyone
It is also being released for all as well.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Welcomes/Why the Special show
0:03:05 Promo of GESARA Show Live in Birmingham
0:11:45 Connecting Consciousness protest Pfizer STL MO
0:13:55 Where is Everyone From
0:18:00 Explanation of todays show topics
0:26:45 Intel Begins / Revaluation Imminent/ 210 Countries signed up/ Charlie Ward conflicting statements
0:29:20 Whiplash347 10 days of disclosure/MSM must comply/ Mr C comments story is false
0:32:10 Judy note Tier 4B appointment setting to come soon
0:33:35 President Trump NCSWIC
0:35:15 Disney, CNN, Netflix and others Stock Value crashing/ MSM disinformation
0:37:25 Germany not Sovereign Country/ Armistice Treaty with Allies only/ Germany power comes from Russia
0:40:00 Biolabs found in Ukraine/ Funded by USA/Putin is Good Guy
0:41:49 Food Shortages/ supply chain crisis purposely done/ Deep State destroy food processing plants
0:44:45 Scare events to happen/Riots may happen during food shortage
0:46:09 UK Power stations may get hit with cyber attacks
0:46:50 Australien Deep State caught importing Bioweapons
0:48:18 Cardiologists warn of Myocarditis/ Snake Venom could be the cause
0:49:50 Banks are trying to keep us in debt/Big Pharma is trying to keep us sick/ Weapons manufacturers want more war/ All Money related
0:53:25 Simon Parkes on Stanic Covens and Child trafficking
0:55:15 Project Proposal Organization recommendations/ Ed From Ocala Videos
1:13:00 Posting of Ed from Ocala Telegram Group and explanation of documents
1:17:45 Peter Explains Currency Exchange/Zim Redemption Appointment
1:37:00 Cole Q; Redemption Funds Accounts in QFS
1:39:43 Dayna Q; Impossible Foods using aborted Fetus tissue/Disinformation about bogarting Ron Giles
1:44:00 Julie Q; Charlie Ward conflicting messages/NESARA-GESARA definition/People worried about money
1:52:00 Kristin Q; RV Appointments SET within 10 days of release of 800#, appointments may be later/Travel during this period
1:54:19 Bonnie Q; Receipts for currency/ World Leaders to step down
1:56:00 Linda Q; NDA exclusion list/ Immediate needs list
1:58:32 Gillian Q; How will 800#'s be announced/Getting connected to help with transportation needs
2:00:50 Tamera Q; Are Trusts needed/Explanation of trust form
2:04:56 Rich Q; Ed of Ocala videos accuracy/ Committe coming to you because of medical condition
2:07:00 Claire Q; Charlie Ward statement about banks hours and appointments/ Donate vs. Running Projects
2:09:00 Thomas Q; RV Timelines/ Events have to happen
2:12:00 Mary Q; Intel from different sources conflicting/Common Law Individual Sovereignty
2:14:34 Mike Q; Zim note revaluation breakdown/Legal process goes from Admiralty Law to Common Law
2:19:35 Jim Q; Cash to be exchanged
2:20:27 Patricia Q; Decimal point missing in Dong Dinar rate post/Trained Common Law lawyers
2:24:57 Carlos Q; VAT registered company vs. Common Law company
2:26:24 Derrick Q; Wealth Managers
2:27:17 Cynthia Q; Gifting funds anonymously
2:28:25 Kathleen Q; Water Purification/Problem Solving/Trusts
2:34:20 TooleHouse Q; Joint Projects with other Zim holders
2:36:20 Pamela Q; Can someone go with to meetings/buying more currencies/ Having multiple projects
2:40:00 Wrap up and Goodbyes

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