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March 31, 2022, The GESARA Show 005 - Thursday
Duration: 2:28:32

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

This is the fifth episode of the new GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

In this Special, Peter demonstrates how the Hydration App can improve the taste of your drinks over a Live Zoom conference. Note, the effect demonstrated here will only work when live, this recording will not be able to have an effect.

The app demonstrated in the show is available from:

On popular request, we will repeat the experiment in Sunday's show.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:15 Overview
0:01:35 Intel
0:01:40 NESARA/GESARA April 1-4
0:02:30 Monies being paid out in Asia
0:03:10 Download files from cloud
0:04:14 Last day of cabal control, Petro Dollar gone, all currencies going back to origins
0:05:30 QFS goes into full operation April 1, large bond holders paid, countries switched to gold backed currencies
0:07:00 Putin gives notice that Fiat Dollar gone April 1, waiting for Tier 4B, events, not dates
0:08:40 New US rainbow USDN note released 12:01AM April 1
0:09:12 EBS message being sent April 2-3, 7 messages to go out, phones go offline
0:10:10 Taxes refund to be paid out over time
0:10:42 US national emergency ends April 10
0:10:50 US Fiat to be phased out by Sept 2022
0:11:18 Fox News reports about water market ballots and barges to GITMO
0:12:07 NESARA to give relief to soveriegn citizens, birth certificates establishes you as corporation, back to common law soverienty
0:13:30 Back to 1776 constitution, common law and Magna Carta mirrored worldwide
0:14:00 NESARA national sales tax replaces income tax, QFS replaces SWIFT, interest outlawed
0:15:29 Ukraine update, refugees medically treated, Putin is a good guy
0:17:00 When funds are available, buy food and safe storage
0:18:00 Germany running out of energy supplies
0:18:55 Ukraine will disrupt worldwide supply chains
0:20:06 Whiplash347 reminds planes and trains will be grounded, electricity interuption, Tesla free energy, 34 satanic buildings taken out
0:21:33 Bitcoin and etherum will crash
0:21:44 Worldwide scare events, stock market crash, martial law
0:22:13 QFS started, and elections frauds, Biden gone
0:22:30 Billy explains procedure dysfunctional government, law of war manual 11.3
0:24:25 Peter computer issues, start Q&A
0:25:00 Richard Q; Celestrial chambers, replicators
0:27:53 Tony Q; Coin collections value, depending on metals content, percieved value vs. real value
0:30:40 Caniche Q; ZIM series AZ, Banke in UK Basel 3 compliant
0:32:30 Mary Q; World of abundance, 5000 Stipend for people 60 and older, Tokens
0:36:25 Murray Q; What prevents bad people from taking over QFS, blockchain system, taking out local bad guys
0:41:20 Kristin Q; Humanitarian projects, sending money to fund summer camps, NDA compliance
0:41:30 Gina Q: What if bank is not Basel 3 compliant?, Med-Beds helping with weightloss
0:46:56 Thomas Q; Iraqi government selection
0:48:48 Larry Q; Why would people work in a world of abundance, work needs to be done, new opportunities
0:52:08 Dee Q; What if bank folds due to non-compliance, IRA transfer to gold and not supressed
0:54:08 Mark Q; Debt forgiveness full vs interest being wiped, getting back taxes from other countries
0:56:54 Matthew Q; Is date of April 4 final, events not dates, how will funds be paid out after appointment, Basel 3 definition
1:00:55 Sandy Q; QPhones being made what type and platform, RV dependant on events
1:03:40 Judy Q; Vehicles DMV, ownership of vehicle returns to you instead of the state, stock market crash, new market
1:07:00 Sujata Q; When Ukrainian President submits to Putin, codes will be given to Mr. C, funds available after appointment, planes and trains grounded
1:10:29 Nick Q; Australian update, people getting funded for projects that have no ZIM, Common Law soveriegnty
1:16:30 The Experiment that will blow your mind!!!
1:52:30 Julie Q; App stalling, Food supply shortage
1:57:50 Wendy Q; Exchanging Dinar at 17, Planes and trains grounded
2:00:07 Sandra Q; Experienced Login issues, App Demo noticed difference, ZIM authentication and receipts
2:02:28 Gayden Q; App buying issues, social score not being implemented
2:04:49 Eileen Q; Backing up iPhone
2:08:25 Maddie Q; Will app work on microwaved food, good for purifying water for cats and dogs
2:11:08 Patricia Q; Install on any phone, works better on Aadroid than iPhone, healing frequencies
2:11:20 Heather Q; Using on coffee, using phone on top of liquid, can use multiple times to get better effect
2:17:20 Steve Q; Can it be used on distilled water, Healy device,
2:21:15 Nick Q; Using app on yourself, using Organite to prevent EMF
2:23:40 Julie Q; Downloading app instructions
2:24:40 Final wrap-up and goodbyes

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