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September 18, 2022, The GESARA SHOW 054 - Rife Special
Duration: 3:59:04 - Extended Edition

Guest Speaker Nenah Sylver, PhD
Author of "The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health"

This is the 54th episode of the GESARA Show where Peter and Billy have invited guest speaker Nenah Sylver, PhD, author of "The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health" for a Rife Special. Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor and microscopist that invented a powerful optical microscope that could even show viruses. This led to the development of a system to use resonance to devitalise bacteria and viruses, selectively. We discuss the modern day devices and application.

00:00:00 Breaking News
00:03:58 Introduction
00:05:20 Technical problems. Website offline.
00:07:17 Where are people from?
00:09:37 Last Trump Rally...
00:10:48 Interesting flag...
00:14:48 Introducing Nenah Sylver, PhD
00:15:00 Billy's health issues
00:15:45 Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health
00:18:09 Rife Universal Microscope
00:22:15 Who was Royal Raymond Rife?
00:28:36 Rife device BW21
00:29:19 Charlene Bohm, dnafrequencies.com
00:30:24 Example: Chicken Pox
00:31:41 "Rife Classic Wand" (is not Rife)
00:32:41 How much do these devices cost?
00:33:11 BW21 and BW77 units
00:34:31 Spooky II machine?
00:38:39 Billy's "Rife Wand" part 2.
00:41:55 Pain relief.
00:43:43 Magnetex (magnetex.org) pain relief device
00:44:30 40,000 Hz for improved stamina.
00:45:15 P3 Pro from pulsed technologies.
00:48:29 Alkaline water, Ph, and the body.
00:54:24 How is the Rife microscope different from darkfield?
00:55:09 How does water stay alkaline?
01:01:31 Rife microscope and Kurt Olbrich
01:04:00 Kurt Olbrich's "Ergonom" microscopes
01:06:46 Grayfieldoptical.com - Peter's humanitarian project.
01:09:42 Does Nenah's book cover Rife frequencies?
01:13:02 rifeforum.com is an excellent resource for Rife info.
01:13:36 Q&A: Robert M, GB4000 unit. www.rifevideos.com
01:18:46 Rife therapy in the USA and Europe.
01:19:51 OncoTherm - Combines Rife frequencies with hypothermia
01:20:52 BW21 and BW77 units
01:25:01 Trinity from biomedis
01:25:49 Research in Europe vs. USA.
01:27:14 Spooky claims
01:27:53 Peter's involvment with Rife
01:29:28 Doctor in Bingen and the jab.
01:32:26 Changes made to Nenah's second printing of her 5th book.
01:35:15 Nenah's "Covid" infection.
01:38:06 Nenah's website and book.
01:40:48 Hidden eBook: The Truth about Vaccines
01:43:05 What is the difference between biofield tuning and Rife?
01:44:42 Preparing for the experiment
01:46:36 Promo Video
01:49:56 Description
02:03:16 The Experiment
02:04:48 Reactions
03:14:00 Announcement on Wednesday's show
03:14:47 Sunday's Show
03:18:55 Bonus: Rife Research Laboratory of Royal Raymond Rife
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