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April 007, 2022, The GESARA Show 007 - Bond Special - Thursday
Duration: 2:34:39

Hosts: Peter Walker (in Cologne) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

This is a Bond Themed Special Episode

This is the 007th episode of the new GESARA Show where Peter and Billy update you on the latest intel and members of the forum ask their questions or a wide range of topics related to the immanent Global Currency Reset with NESARA (USA), GESARA (Global) and the Quantum Financial System.

In this Bond-Themed Special, we take a closer look at the Zim-Bond, Humanitarian Projects and how to prepare for your meeting.
As we have  heard that the meetings could be immanent, this is a must see if you have any currency and plan to go to a redemption meeting, especially if you have a project.

Latest Intel
We take a closer look at the Zim Bond, Humanitarian Projects and how to prepare for your meeting.
The documents and PowerPoint presentations have been attached to this post.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Bond Intro
0:00:30 Introduction and Welcomes.. Zoom Renaming
0:06:00 Intel ... Global Currency Reset
0:07:58 Bad Harvests in China, Europe, and USA... Food Shortages
0:09:45 Biden Memory Loss and fumbles
0:10:20 Obama and Bio-Labs... Biden and Obama pedophilia disclosed by Wikileaks
0:12:25 Hunter Biden's laptop has it all
0:14:00 Russians rescued 35000 chidren
0:15:45 Currency Reset and liquidity for Tier 4A and 4B
0:16:00 MSM complicit in cover ups... Now narrative is turning against them
0:17:30 Children being Rescued
0:17:50 Banks to close for 3 days to reset to QFS
0:18:40 Billions from Ukraine funneled to Deleware
0:19:28 Food Prices to Rise and shortages
0:21:38 Q movement exposing coruption in elections and appointments
0:22:40 Military conducting tribunals
0:24:00 New Zealand News
0:25:10 Whiplash347 comments Phoenician Families and what they control
0:26:20 Watch what Trump says to keep up with White Hat Comms
0:27:40 Military Movements
0:28:20 Waiting for 800# to be released
0:29:00 MarkZ and Mr C switch being thrown is imminent
0:31:10 People with Zim Bond's  doing Projects and preparation
0:32:45 Humanitarian Projects Power Point Presentation
1:07:00 OddJob Q; Debt Forgiveness and House Value... Getting Fresh Start
1:11:35 Chris Q; Personal Lines of Credit Forgiven.. Pricing of Goods 1955
1:13:50 Catherine Q; Dong does not need appointment.. QFS accounts
1:16:20 Susanne Q; Appartment vs owning home
1:17:55 Heather Q; Have Zim but no project
1:19:11 Erie Q; Who decided Zim would be used... Difference between SWIFT and QFS... giving money to friends
1:24:00 Richard Q; Doing zoom regarding Stellar/XRP
1:25:18 Patricia & Debra Q; Putting info on forum for projects... telegram scammers
1:30:00 Jordan Q; Going into appointments with others projects
1:31:40 Nick Q; Helping get others projects get submitted... account managers
1:37:45 Barbara Q; Acceptable ID's... Limit of number of notes you can redeem... Buying Food... salaries at 1955 prices
1:40:40 Gina Q; Funding existing homeless shelters
1:45:49 Donna Q; Format of presentation,Word,PowerPoint... skillsets needed... delegate
1:49:40 Jack Q; Tranfering money to individuals... Banks that will be involved
1:52:39 Kyrki Q; Registering projects and zims forms of ID
1:56:18 Gayden Q; Helping with other projects... Zim rate of exchange
1:58:08 Abbey Q; Housing, Food, Water, Clothing
2:01:15 Sandra Q; Miltary movements in Canada.. Staying Afloat until RV hits.. Having multiple projects
2:04:45 Barbara (Penny Money) Q; Giving Zim to siblings... Turning LLC business into project
2:08:45 Rita Q; Funding Public Water Works
2:11:00 (M) Q; Red tape of government being taken down... Inflation will disapear
2:15:12 Miranda Q; What is considered a Humanitarian Project.. How much monthly from 30 Million per month
2:18:50 Susan Q; Pensions from multiple countries... taxes and name changes from different countries
2:21:15 Norma Q; Developing project so you have no regrets in the future... what to put in your proposal
2:26:00 Matthew Q; Find out what business operating costs
2:27:10 Tamara Q; Billion Zim vs Trillion Zim
2:28:15 Grant Q; Dong and Dinar are separate from Zim... digital currency
2:30:04 Amy Q; XRP Topic for Zoom.. Homeopathic Medicine and Reducation
2:32:10 Wrap Up

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