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How to setup your Windows Computer to be able to directly access websites
By Peter Walker, The GESARA Talk Show
Released November 15. 2023

Note: If you are using a Mac, the process is similar, using the "sudo nano /etc/host" command to edit the “hosts” file. Click here for details

Determining the IP-Address of a website. Do this for each important website.
First make a list of all the websites you want to be able to access. In our example, we will be using our own websites that we think should be on the list. Please add any additional websites you require:,,

In order to check that the system is working, we are adding to the list, yet using the IP-address ( from That will send us to the DuckDuckGo website when we enter in the browser.

Note: This system does not work with every website and depends on the configuration of the related webserver. For example, websites working with CloudFlare use proxies making this system fail. This is the case with the website.

Do the following for each website:

  1. Go to the website:

  2. Enter the url of the website (without https://) and click on Lookup, e.g.

  3. One or more IP addresses are listed, make a note of them in Notepad using the following format:

  4. Repeat this process for every website needed.

Here are the results for our sample websites:

Opening “hosts” and adding the website data.
All recent versions of Windows support the “hosts” file which enables you to manually assign an IP address to a website name. Once the edited file has been saved and the computer rebooted, your computer will no longer consult the DNS-Server for the named websites and instead use the respective ip-addresses listed in the file. In other words, Windows looks in this file first, allowing your computer to connect to the webserver even when the DNS server is not available.

Follow these steps exactly:

  1. Type notepad (1) in the windows search bar, right click on the Notepad App (2) and then select “Run as administrator” (3)
  2. A security message appears, click on “Yes” to open Notepad in administrator mode.
  3. Now click on File / Open and a new window appears
  4. In the navigation bar, type in (or cut and paste): C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and press Enter.
  5. In order to see and open the hosts file, first click on “All files”, then click on “hosts” and finally on the Open button (see image)

  • 6. The file opens and enter the IP-addresses and website addresses (without https:// or www.) as shown here

  • 7. Once you have added all the websites you need, you now need to save the file with File / Save

  • 8. Make sure you have saved any other open documents on your computer, and then reboot it.

  • 9. After the reboot, test your websites in a browser. If you reach the respective website, the procedure has worked.

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