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March 18, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 204 - Two Year Anniversary
Duration: 4:20:50 - Captions in English and German

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Kirsten (NC. USA) and Barbara (FL, USA)

Special Guest: Wolverine

0:00:00 How the GESARA Show began
0:09:23 Our special guest?
0:10:29 Peter helped on last Kirsten show.
0:11:07 Peter's weekend in Potsdam
0:13:34 The King is dead, or not?
0:17:02 Pictures from Potsdam
0:20:00 Julian Assange in Potsdam?
0:22:00 King Charles is not dead?
0:23:27 GESARA News March 18, 2024
0:47:37 Special Guest: Wolverine
1:09:20 Tin-Foil Hat Anniversary
1:11:58 Lizzy Pip's Music: Interstellar 432 Hz
1:23:09 Lizzy discusses her higher self and ego.
1:30:00 Barbara: Tennis
1:35:02 Hannah: Remote viewing gives access to higher self.
1:47:24 Pat: Her cat loves Lizzy's music. Get involved in devolution process
1:52:40 Norma: Remembering past life. Advancing faster
2:02:47 Dell: Objects to Lizzy's ego.
2:06:06 Darren: 2-Years of show. Dr. Greer looking for writers. UFO disclosure. Scaler weapons.
2:13:34 Description of updated Currency Tally-Sheet version 3b (now 3c).
2:28:35 Ashtara: Emerald order of Lyra, UFO coverups, Peter Hill Norton
2:31:43 disclosure; royals & titles, legalities continue
2:36:54 useful idiots, process servers, Ricardo Bosi
2:40:58 Peter: When is this world-wide round up even slated to occur?
2:41:50 DUMBS, unelected selling out, military commands
2:44:41 Nuremberg trials, prepaid electric-meters, wading through truths
2:48:09 Peter: Get the IRS to collect? Bailiffs must prove contract, terrorism. Nürnberg 2.
2:53:41 Lizzy: NHS perspective & persecution, massive increase disease/ heart conditions. Doctors in denial.
2:59:12 Ashtara: The 'GREAT SEPARATION' of biblical proportions playing out?
2:59:45 Lizzy: Expierences through the pandemic, Relationships under strain
3:01:26 Peter: The can block EMF/vax shedding. Detox mentions
3:03:28 Lizzy: Professionals who stood up, radiating positivity, having clear sight
3:06:26 Peter: What woke you up? (to the vax), history repeating itself
3:09:14 Ashtara: Nuremberg family history, mom's accident, surprise visit to Germany
3:12:32 Ashtara: MedBeds are coming, Egyption doc. Emergency services sent.
3:17:55 Ashtara+Lizzy: We live in peace, pod people, sensing NPC's, Royal air force disintrest
3:20:38 Lizzy's Ship sighting, Lord Bryon's sighting, Ashtara's white hat call
3:24:22 Lizzy: What about that officer? What orders are they following?
3:26:21 Ashtara: THEY LIVE vs those who've put on their glasses, Brian's vax nanotech perspective
3:29:09 Does vax remove god from DNA?, Other hackable systems
3:31:02 Ashtara: 'WIFI- A thaliodomide in the making. Who cares?' Shocking Insidious weapons
3:35:02 Ashtara: GESARA flow chart, How many Trumps? Karma for treason.
3:44:23 Jack Q: Is Marduk the owner of this planet? Good Rothchild
3:50:20 Ashtara: Placebo jabs
3:51:07 Darren: What side is Space Force? Deep state scalar weapons?
3:57:11 Ashtara: The interstellar galactic policeman
3:58:30 Darren: Do you work with Steven M. Greer? GFL station on YT
4:01:30 RV: Trump clones? Black project issues
4:07:20 Lord Bryon: More than just a letter, it’s a truth- Q
4:09:07 RV: Weaponized frequencies + radiation poisoning, God's counterbalance
4:12:26 Ashtara: Resonator Wall, The Lost Teachings of Atlantis by John Peniel
4:14:48 RV: Chlorine Dioxide fresher and more potent when you make it
4:16:04 Dell Q: Confirmation thoughts
4:18:15 Peter's final thoughts
4:20:50 End.

Ashtara's Room on the forum

Getting started on the GESARA Show


The meeting covered a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, and discussions about global events. Peter Walker reminisced about the two-year journey of The GESARA Show, highlighting its growth and loyal audience. He also discussed his recent travel experiences, including a potential news announcement about the royal family. The team also discussed the potential impact of Project Odin, a clandestine military project set to be revealed to the world.

The team engaged in discussions about various topics, including remote viewing, past life healing, and spiritual protection. They also discussed the RV and currency exchange, with some members providing assistance and resources to those who were confused. Ashtara provided detailed accounts of her experiences and knowledge related to UFO cover-ups, secret projects, and her interactions with the authorities. She also expressed concerns about being targeted and urged the military to take the matter seriously.

The conversation also touched on the potential impact of vaccines and 5G technology on individuals' consciousness and DNA, with some members expressing skepticism and concern. The team marked their two-year anniversary, engaged in playful banter, and welcomed a new participant. Overall, the meeting covered a diverse range of topics, with participants sharing personal experiences, discussing global events, and providing assistance and resources to those who needed it.
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