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August 27, 2023, The GESARA Talk Show 150 Anniversary - Sunday
Duration: 3:49:50

150th Show, one of the funniest, ever!

Host: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany)

0:00:00 Introduction, 150th Show…
0:04:11 New EU Digital Services Act
0:06:31 Why we had to stop the chat on Telegram. Now: https://nesara-gesara-qfs.com
0:14:54 Trump Mugshot
0:27:32 Kirsten Updates: Everything has precise timing…, Christian21 Notes
0:35:39 IMDb: Politicians are actors and producers…
0:39:14 Everything is a COMM!
0:44:31 Globalists on Fox…, Trump COMMS
0:48:18 DUMBS Portals, Bigfoot is real.
0:49:19 Tribbles are real…
0:55:00 Dummies Lives Matter…
0:59:04 Biden's Impeachment looms…
1:03:21 Gregorian to Julian Calendar in October?
1:04:00 News from South America…
1:04:48 Blue Moon this week
1:07:35 Problems sending emails to Gmail.com addresses.
1:09:29 Powerful music video: “One Day”
1:16:00 GESARA News, recorded on August 27, 2023
1:32:01 Q&A Section Intro
1:33:03 Jack: Gasoline Report, Peter transcending, Battery Power Cars, Blue Moon
1:45:42 Derek: Brummies vs. Cockney, spiritual changes, negativity, lift your vibrations, Spirits, Autism
2:10:54 Pat: Derek’s hangover, don’t mess w/Pat, Runnymede
2:21:54 Lizzy: Mind Reset App, Peter’s temper, Double Penny, Silver and chocolate
2:30:22 Clive: Report on BRICS Conference, Hannah’s abode & 4 legs, Mobile Homes, Storms upon us, Hannah’s Roof top
2:52:37 Barbara: Computer problems, Ascension, Derek’s intuition, animals and kids, going within, Men, Irish jig with Derek
3:07:02 Stella: Grandson’s confirmation, Barbie movie, Nucleus of the family, Catholic Hospitals
3:19:07 Janel: Lulu in Brazil, Leena, gentlemen warriors, Blacks for Trump, Jumanji
3:29:13 Velma: Subscription emails, when expires.
3:31:45 Clive: wrong time zone in South Africa
3:32:33 Barbara: Computer working due to manifestation
3:33:10 Lizzy: Manifesting? Yolking, 6 foot, dark and handsome
3:34:18 Connie: Father and son gambling
3:38:41 Intro sequence of “Chicken Run”
3:45:28 Egg-static comments on the clip…
3:48:11 Kirsten has been arrested!
3:48:52 Wrapping up.
3:49:50 End.

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