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September 11, 2022, The GESARA Show 052 - 9/11 Special
Duration: 3:39:11 - Extended Edition

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany) and Billy Gilles (in St. Louis).

This is a special 52nd episode of the new GESARA Show where we take a special look at the events of 9/11 and what really happened. NESARA was due to be announced and the extraordinary events stopped that from happening and the Gold was stolen as well. We also look at each of the four events in more detail. This extended edition has had additional sections added, that were not seen on the live show.

The preview version of this episode has already been banned on YouTube.

0:00:00 Intro video
0:01:42 Dave von Kleist, perceptions
0:04:07 Peter on today's show
0:05:40 The Queen and Charles
0:06:10 King Charles  
0:07:35 NESARA and 9/11
0:13:00 Dick Cheny and Norad
0:14:15 Pentagon Video
0:18:26 Environmental impact
0:19:38 German analysis of Pentagon crash
0:21:11 Plane vaporized, but clock ok?
0:26:45 Twin Towers clip.
0:32:44 BBC World announces collapse of WTC7, before it happened.
0:38:56 Peter remembers the questions he asked himself.
0:39:50 PA crash with German documentary
0:47:27 Hole in field, but no plane parts.
0:43:19 Billy's father worked for McDonald Douglas
0:44:20 Tower's were designed to take hit from aircraft.
0:44:55 NESARA was due to start on same day.
0:46:10 Die Hard, with a Vengeance depicts similar events.
0:46:44 Shanksville - No airplane found.
0:49:12 The Case for Real Aircraft - Extended footage
1:03:12 Handing over to Billy
1:03:45 The Case for CGI Aircraft
1:17:05 President Bush on September 15, 2006.
1:18:40 Project Blue Beam
1:23:45 History is written by the victorious
1:26:30 Q&A: Cajun Girl, Satanic rituals in the towers
1:29:40 Q&A: DeLise, Israel
1:38:00 Q&A: Kevin, Was NESARA already planned in 1995? Movie predictions.
1:39:25 "Back to the Future Predicts 9/11" clip.
1:47:39 Q&A: Kevin, When was NESARA planned?
1:54:30 What happened to the people in those four planes?
1:57:25 Q&A: Donna, Charles Clone, the Illusionists.
2:00:00 Q&A: Kirsten, related movies.
2:02:43 Q&A: Sam, Shuhmann's resonance. Biden speech.
2:06:40 Q&A: Pat, Ukrainian refugees in hotels. NATO null & void.
2:13:40 Q&A: Michael, What did Rothchild do on 9/11?
2:17:05 The Queen and her twin sister: Lilibet and Elizabeth
2:20:20 Q&A: Kirsten, ATM's and debit cards going offline.
2:21:15 Q&A: Pat, Does not agree with twins.
2:25:40 Q&A: Cajun Girl, Diana was never called to do anything, but with womb ritual.
2:27:40 Q&A: Mandy, Queen was deposed on 23rd March, 2001 with Magna Carta, Art. 61.
2:29:25 Q&A: Kirsten, Mark Attwood's Telegram post.
2:35:00 When will Biden be gone?
2:35:40 Q&A: Patricia U, July's report on Navy JAG increasing security.
2:37:30 Final Thoughts 1
2:39:40 Q&A: Norma, Flight to Argentina after 9/11.
2:42:40 Peter returned from the USA, 2 days before 9/11
2:43:08 Q&A: Sujata, What upheavals do you see in USA? Shortages?
2:45:48 Q&A: Patricia U, Toilet paper and food shortages. German sources.
2:51:12 Final Thoughts 2
2:53:40 Good byes...
2:55:18 Bonus video: File 9/11 Unsolved (Aktenzeichen 11.9 Ungelöst). German documentary with English subtitles.
3:39:11 End.
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