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June 22, 2024, The GESARA Talk Show 231 - Common Law Court Special
Duration: 4:08:00 - Abridged Version with English captions.

Hosts: Peter Walker (Cologne, Germany), Kirsten (NC. USA) and Barbara (FL, USA)

Special guest is John Smith, who founded and runs the International Common Law Court. He is here to explain a new template he has developed that will enable you to win your case in any legal court, anywhere!

Those of us trying to use common law, usually find that the normal court system will simply ignore, prosecute, foreclose, fine you anyway, ignoring your rights, as it is difficult to enforce common law and most lawyers and courts are not trained in common law, anyway.

John Smith has now found a way of enforcing your rights using a new template that the courts cannot ignore. His new tried and tested method will finally allow you to win your cases in court and it works world-wide.

John Smith's new template system has now been released: also offer common law trusts and we asked how useful these are for the RV process.

0:00:00 Pre-Show chat
0:06:32 Introducing John Smith
0:08:47 Scotland Football
0:10:34 Fighting broken statute system
0:18:56 The Common Law Court as lawful remedy
0:23:58 Four principles of common law.
0:27:31 Staute courts reject it.
0:28:25 Magna Carta 1215, Article 61
0:30:21 Are military courts the answer?
0:32:29 Enforcement of Magna Carta, Article 61
0:35:45 Scottish Declaration of Arbroath
0:41:15 Using "Living Man" status to win in court.
0:43:44 How will new template help?
0:46:18 "Returned Service, No office, No officer, No UCC contract trust"
1:00:40 Courts ignore our lawful rights. Lawful Remedy!
1:05:01 Geoff: Comments on new process
1:07:12 Confirming our position, out of their jurisdiction.
1:07:42 Two judicial systems, 1951 Hague convention
1:08:35 Put in challenge on grounds of conflicts of laws.
1:09:15 Cannot proceed due to Hague agreement, etc.
1:09:54 Fraudulent Person, Slavery act, failed to comply
1:12:20 CLC documents every case
1:27:35 Barbara: Brunson case USA
1:28:34 Obliged to give a hearing
1:29:41 Enforcement by penalising financially.
1:36:47 Derek: Courts following own laws?
1:51:15 Germaine: NESARA/GESARA. Military trial? Judge oath?
1:56:23 Nicki: Foreclosure
2:11:13 Kryki: UN allows CLC. Using Slave name. They lose challenge hearing.
2:15:32 John: Respond using CLC Template
2:23:19 Philip: Use of trusts in RV.
2:27:16 Jacint: CLC Number Plates confiscated
2:34:48 Nicki: What do we say to bailiffs?
2:35:48 Graham: Tribute to John
2:38:17 Cory: Warrants for parking tickets
2:49:02 Pat: Humanitarian projects. CLC Trusts on offer.
2:55:09 MrDog: Managing CLC Trusts
3:01:45 Dell: Challenge jurisdiction after the fact?
3:07:43 Jacint: CLC number-plates still available?
3:13:42 Peter: Insurance with CLC-Number plates?
3:16:30 Geoff: Using indemnity bond.
3:19:10 Ashtara: Revoked Legal Fiction, CLC Driving Licence?
3:44:20 Cory: Change name on CLC birth certificate
3:46:34 Pat: What name should married women use?
3:48:18 Barbara: Are you in a coma, yet?
3:48:56 Dell: Can Bar association members be retrained in common law?
3:52:22 Ashtara: Relinquish vow to Queen. Remedy of action. Old to new system.
3:58:47 Dell: Common law lien process.
4:00:39 Ashtara: High treason done to Ashtara, she put liens on them.
4:03:23 Thanks to John Smith, his summary
4:05:18 Common Law Court Image Film
4:08:50 End.

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